Whether you’re taking in the beauty from a Sydney Harbour cruise or enjoying dinner at one of the many harbourside restaurants in Sydney, there’s no denying that Sydney Harbour is one of the most impressive natural harbours in the world. Renowned for its beauty and size, the harbour is synonymous with Sydney and informs much of the culture and identity of the city itself. For visitors to Sydney, or those who simply want to learn a bit more about the harbour that so heavily influences their home, here are a few facts about Sydney Harbour to pull out at trivia nights!

Sydney Harbour is commonly referred to as the most beautiful harbour in the world, and encompasses 54 square kilometres of water and 240 kilometres of shoreline!

Port Jackson, which contains Sydney Harbour, was the first site of colonial settlement in Australia.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge was the highest point in Australia up until 1967, and the highest point of the bridge measures 134 metres, at the top of the arch. The total length of the bridge is 1.15km, and its width is 49 metres wide. This makes it the widest single-span bridge in the world. Impressive, huh?

The Sydney Harbour Bridge was built in 1932, after being designed by Dr. JJC Bradfield, who is known as the ‘Father of the Bridge’.

There are several islands in Sydney Harbour, some of the most famous of which are Shark Island (off Rose Bay), Cockatoo Island and Goat Island. Many of these islands are tourist destinations in themselves and Cockatoo Island even hosts and annual music festival!

There are several ways to explore the harbour. Sailboat, yacht, jet boat or windsurfer are all great ways to see the sights, and there are several ferries per day that service different ports on the harbour.

For a great tourist experience, book yourself a Sydney Harbour dinner cruise and enjoy a luxury meal as you drift past some of the most impressive sights the harbour has to offer.

The arch of the Sydney Harbour Bridge alone weighs over 40,000 tonnes, and to test that the bridge was strong enough the city council drove 92 steam engines across it. If the bridge had’ve failed, they would have been destroyed, halving the fleet of the NSW railway!

During WWII, the Harbour Bridge had a series of designated detonation points. This meant that at any time, had the Germans or Japanese invaded, the bridge would have been able to have been blown up to prevent them getting from one side to the other.

Sydney Harbour is the lifeblood of the city, and in many ways, the lifeblood of the entire country. Its historical significance cannot be overstated, and it is still a functioning and integral part of Sydney’s culture and economy. The next time you’re in Sydney, take a cruise, a walk, a climb or a sail around this beautiful natural wonder.


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