Most of the Caribbean Islands have a volcanic origin which has left the terrains in an adventurous state that can only be experienced.

Jamaican Cruise LinesAntigua and Barbuda is not so popular Caribbean Islands for cruise destinations. But they sure have what it takes a Holiday memorable on the Island. There are over three hundred and fifty beaches on the Island with beauty to spare.

Jamaican Cruise Lines

Surfers tend to visit the north part of Antigua in the cooler months when the waves of the Galley Bay offer more adventures for the sport. The Southwestern part of Antigua has more of the quiet beaches like the Doigs and Rendezvous Bay beaches. These beaches make for sunbathing and soothing relaxation.

Antigua offers top notch tranquility and amazing nightlife in one of the best blends in the Caribbean.

Jamaican CruisesLocal Island cruises are available to sail visitors from One Island to another and Antigua also has the luxury of:

  • biking
  • hiking
  • kayaking
  • golf sessions

plus many more that thrill visitors all year round. Antigua is very beautiful and it is quite unlikely that you will get bored for a moment on the Island. Those visitors that enjoy adventures through ecosystems will definitely enjoy the mangrove hike and remote lagoon tours through Antigua’s coastline.

Jamaican Island Cruise

A Jamaican Island cruise gives tourists the opportunity to visit some of the very intimate parts of the Islands, and one of the best ways to do this is by riding on a yacht. The Caribbean Virgin Islands makes yacht rides even more exciting, and some of the clear blue waters just make it hard to resist taking a swim, dive and snorkeling through the reefs.

Saint Marteen is also perfect for yacht rides in the Caribbean, with pleasurable winds and sails to hot spots like the:

Tintamarre, the Ile Pinel, Anguilla or Saint Barth.

Jamaican Cruise Lines to Guadeloupe

Guadeloupe Caribbean Island cruise takes visitors to some of the luxurious beaches in areas like the Marie Galante, Iles des Sainte’s and Dominica, with truly breathtaking tropical rainforest experience for tourist to get some really good snapshots for their record.

Cruising just north of Guadeloupe brings visitors to the darling sister Islands of Saint Kitts and Nevis.

The beauty of Martinique

Martinique Island is one of the largest in the south pole of the Caribbean, and fair enough it has a lot more activities to offer than many more Islands in the Caribbean. Caribbean Island cruise through Martinique avails tourists the chance its beautiful coral reef, bays and coves.

Martinique Island forests are the perfect option for some good jungle and Jamaican Cruise Linehiking experience on a Caribbean Island cruise. Yacht rides to Venezuela and the Grenadines frequently sail off from Martinique. Saint Lucia is one the Eastern Caribbean Islands along with Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Marteen and Saint Croix. It is located just between Martinique and Saint Vincent. The hospitality of Saint Lucia to tourists has made the Island a referred destination by visitors to future tourists.

Jamaican Cruise Lines that visit St Lucia and Grenada

The Grenadines lie south of St Lucia and north of the Island of Grenada. The Grenadines form the south part of a group Islands that make up the Lesser Antilles. A Caribbean Island cruise through the Grenadines from its capital can be very exciting for visitors as they cruise to other neighboring Islands. The Island of Grenada is often referred to as the “Spice Isle” of the Caribbean.

Grenada is inundated with mountains and some of the world’s most notable fragrance trees and not so common tropical flowers. Grenada is truly unique and should be experienced when you are on a Caribbean Island cruise. Visitors can take short trips to neighboring Carriacou, to experience some exotic white sand beaches and natural harbors.

s for Caribbean island Cruises

Finally you can take a Caribbean Island cruise to the largest of the Islands; Cuba. With all the history and culture you can take in, Cuba is set to thrill you on your cruise trip.


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