If you are looking at traveling around the country, whether that is for a long vacation or short weekend getaways, one of the most exciting options is a driving holiday.

Each country has so much to see but the majority of its population has only ever seen a small percentage of what it has to offer. This usually comes down to the fact that families have ‘favourite holidays’ that they visit regularly or they save up their money for a big overseas trip – forgetting that their own country has so much to offer.

When it comes to road trip vacations, you have two options, find accommodation at each stop or bring your accommodation with you.

Hotels can be fun, but sometimes the getting down and dirty with nature can be a whole experience in itself – so camping and caravan-ing is also a great option.

One of the most popular types of mobile accommodation is the pop up caravan.

Want To Know One Of The Most Popular Questions Regarding Pop Up Caravans?

You would be surprised when you hear this, but one of the most ready asked questions is:

How do I raise the top of my pop up camper?

I find this quite funny when you think that most people would have asked this question when they first visited the camper trailer for sale.

But putting that aside, I wanted to answer this question in the hope that it would help someone.

There are two different types of pop up camper mechanisms, the hydraulic lift and the hand crank.

Hydraulic Lift

This is the easiest of the two. Once you have found the place you would like to camp for the night, park your trailer, level it and detach it from your car.

After you have done this, unlock your roof locks and hinges and turn the lift on. Hold the ‘up’ button until fully extended and then lock off your roof.

Hand Crank

If your pop up camper does not have a hydraulic lift, then you will have to raise the top manually. This means that you follow the exact same steps as above, but when you get the step of pressing any buttons, you instead open the crank panel, insert the handle and start winding until your top is fully raised – and then lock off as before.




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