Getting to know a little more about hotels and accommodation you are considering for your holiday might mean the difference between booking or changing your mind. This article looks at some issues to consider.

Booking accommodation in a region or country we do not know is not as easy as it sounds. All we have to go by is what we are reading on a travel site or on the website of the hotel, we are considering. Just like any other business, hotels are doing their best to represent themselves to us. They will tell you about all their services and have a range of special offers to get your attention. A hotel that looks great in the photos can turn out to be nothing like what we expect. There are loads of these kinds of stories on the Internet, but how do we go about getting a better idea of what the hotel is really like? This article looks at some tips and tricks to getting a better idea.

  • Location. Location can have a huge effect on how your hotel will feel. A perfect example is when you are staying in a beach resort area but your hotel is actually a good long walk away from the beach. There are a number of maps and other tools online to help you accurately identify the location.
  • Other Guests. Most hotels will have a number of arrangements with tour companies, and this bring a number of particular guests to their hotel. It is worth investigating what kinds of arrangements your hotel of consideration has. You might even want to talk to them directly before you make your booking. There might be people of different cultures or even just different segments of society that are very different to you. Hotels themselves are often trying to capture many segments of the market, and you may not realise that you can possibly feel like you don’t fit in to the majority of other guests.
  • Time of Year. Different times of the year can bring about a whole different feel to where you are staying. There might be a huge football match in the region and that means that particular hotel will be full of beer drinking ‘boys’ out for the weekend. This is only an example, but it should give you some food for thought. If you are considering somewhere, make sure you understand how that will influence the feel and environment of the hotel. It is always a good idea to talk directly with the hotel under consideration.
  • Facilities. It is not uncommon for a hotel to be renovating a section of the hotel. This will probably not show up on their website or any other promotional pages on the internet. There is nothing worse than getting to a hotel where you had planned to relax by the pool and ignore the rest of the location only to find that it is under some form of renovations. Do not get caught out before you book.
  • Hotel Activities. Have you ever found it difficult to get room service on time because the hotel is extremely busy with a huge conference they are hosting? If you have you will understand the frustration of staying in a hotel that is under a stampede of group guests. A busy hotel is not always the best hotel. Know what is going on in your hotel and understand the consequences.

It is easy to get a little too focused on the room you are considering. You might have only looked at photos of the pool, the lobby and your room. Learn a little more about the conditions and the timing of your visit and you will probably make a better choice.




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