Are you and your friends looking for the best diving site?  You don’t need to waste your time and effort.  Sipadan Island is the best place where you can find the best diving deals and scuba diving options.  Sipadan diving has been one of the favorite tourist destinations in Asia.  Tourist will surely be captivated by the untouched beauty of Sipadan diving sites.

Sipadan diving in Malaysia is well-develop to cater the needs of their tourist.  You may find low-priced deals and packages that will suit your budget.  They have well trained diving center reservation staff who will assists you of your ideal diving package and any questions pertaining to the beautiful Pulau Sipadan Island.

Unfortunately, you cannot find resorts in the Sipadan Island because it was closed due to environmental reason. Malaysian government wanted to protect the marine sanctuaries which are located around the island.  The island is protected against fishing activities and other human interventions thus preserving its natural resources. They wanted to maintain the beauty of Sipadan diving sites as it is.

However, there are many nearby island resorts in Sipadan Island.  You still have a lot of beautiful resorts to choose from which are found in the sorrounding island of Sipadan.  In fact, the place is only thirty minutes away from mainland. These resorts offers discounted rates for resorts prices.  You can avail up to maximum of 10 % discount.  Sipadan diving is indeed economical and will surely fit with you and your friends budget.  You can even go for groups because surely you can afford their resort rates.

Many who had experience Sipadan diving kept coming back to experience being in awe moment again. The exquisite beauty of Sipadan diving sites is unforgettable for tourist who already experience diving.  Many are in love with the place.  You can see a lot of big fishes like Barracudas who are known to swim in flock and makes some interesting spiraling vortex worth watching for.  If you love to see beautiful and colorful coral reefs, small fishes, turtles and many others; Sipadan diving sites will surely not turn you down.  You may even see sharks roaming around the area.

Sipadan diving site is just one of the 126 dive sites in Malaysia. It is one of Malaysia’s diving gems.  Aside from diving they also offer extensive diving courses for those who are interested to learn and explore more about diving.  With this you can be more adept in learning the diverse and rich marine ecosystem.

Sipadan diving is open all year round. But it is better to go there between April to December since the weather is good for sight-seeing and diving.  Early months of the year which is January to March, is not highly advisable because it is the season of unstable weather.  Anyhow, Malaysia was able to record a number of tourist going there even if its early months of the year.  Indeed, Sipadan diving sites is a famous tourist destination.

No doubt, Sipadan diving sites deserved to be recognized as the top ten best diving sites in the world!




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