Hello there!

Great content is gathered here, and our exclusive writers are receiving a top-notch quality platform to put up their content with unlimited auto-approved access!!

Why put your best content here?

A. Targeted Traffic, traffic and more traffic

This site is ranked 40K in Alexa and is getting lots of targeted traffic daily, why? Cause the content here is unique and with great quality. 30% of the traffic are returning visitors!

B. You are getting much more attention from visitors and SEs.

In contrast to so many other platforms, this blog has a maximum of 100 writers, which means you won’t need to compete with thousands (or more) writers for the traffic you’d compete with on other platforms.

C. Quality

The more writers there are on every platform, the harder it gets to make sure all of them post high-quality content. High-quality content will increase this blog’s authority even more in search engines’ eyes, and your backlinks’ power will get even stronger. More than that, the “top 100 writers” concept (read below) is built in such a way that the quality of the content will get even higher with time!

D. Competition

In any other platform/article directory/web2.0 property, you have no advantage over your competitors. Your competitors, like yourself, can submit their content. Here, since only a selected, exclusive group of no more than 100 writers will be included, your competitors will stay out; you are getting links from a top-quality resource your competitors have no access to.

E. Easy

Once you are approved and as long as you are keeping the basic rules (described below), you have full access and control over your content, no approval procedure for posts, and you can publish your content immediately.

How to start:

Currently there are 100 writers so there is no room for new writers. BUT, every few days the 10 worst writers are excluded and 10 new writers from the waiting list are added to the 100 writers. Read here how the waiting list works and what you should do.

How does it work?

Each writer is going to get ranked (by my ranking script) according to several parameters. The parameters are divided into two groups:

1. On-Page – Factors taken from the post itself (like number of words).

2. UE (User Engagement) – How the users arriving to your post behave (like how long they stay on your post).

Here is a link containing a bit more detailed explanation about how the ranking algorithm works.

Each month the worst 10 writers will get deactivated (all their posts and links, though, will stick forever) and 10 new writers will get accepted. That way, over time and evolution, this blog will have an exclusive group of top-notch 100 writers!

Why should you register NOW?

1. The longer this blog exists, the harder it will become to join the 100 writers.

2. The veteran writers will have advantage in ranking and more chances to stay on board longer.

3. Since this blog is going to have very high-quality content (and it already has a very high PR) it will become an authority blog very fast, with lots of traffic and SE authority.

4. Once approved as a writer, you are going to have unlimited access to post content that will get approved automatically.

5. This is the alpha stage, which means: I’m almost auto-approving writers. In the near future, to get accepted, users will have to go through strict approval process…


Quality and Terms

There are a few ways I’m going to make sure this blog will have “out-of-the-ordinary, high-quality content”:

A. Writers stick and carrot:

1. Stick – Ten worst writers will get delisted and lose their exclusive privilege to post here.

2. Carrot – Ten best writers will have their author and latest posts link on the homepage plus top five writers get links to their homepage from ALL blog pages!


B. Basic rules with which all writers will have to comply (I and my scripts will monitor how these rules are maintained):

Read here about the basic rules. Their goal is to make sure posts in their basic essence have the minimum requirements to appear here (such as being unique and original).

I’m aiming at creating an exclusive writers hub in which we know each other personally, and the real quality (the above “basic rules” are just “basic”; for real quality much more is needed) will be maintained by trust and mutual interest. When you are approved as a writer I put lots of faith in you and I will be there for you helping in any way I can. On the other hand, a writer that will exploit this blog will be banned and all his posts will get deleted.

If you want to join and enjoy being one of the first top 100 writers, you can .