The Samsung UN40C6300 Review, 40″ LED HDTV;

Samsung UN40C6300 reviews really well, a Flat Panel TV manufactured by  one of the largest consumer electronics companies in the world. For over 40 years, every time I see a new product roll into the stores I find my self staring in amazement. How can 1 company continually produce absolutely stunning equipment time and time again.

The Samsung UN40C6300 review proper starts here, is without doubt one of the most drop dead gorgeous, super slim, better than the neighbours TV sets currently available. If you have stumble across this review because you were looking for a New TV, then STOP LOOKING. There is NO WAY to avoid the fact that this TV cannot be beaten on Features and Price.

Samsung UN40C6300 Review

Samsung UN40C6300 Review

The UN40C6300 as reviewed can be found for as little as $800 Dollars, just under in-fact and that’s delivered so it is a true bargain, we’ve found some of the unbranded and less well known models of similar spec actually selling for more!

So, what do you get for your $800 Dollars in the Samsung UN40C6300? (well, you’ll pay that much if you take MY advice given later on)

In the “VERY LARGE” box the Samsung  UN40C6300 review model arrived in we found:

  • The TV Of Course
  • Piano Black Pedestal Stand
  • AC Power Cable
  • Remote Control
  • Wireless Network Adapter
  • User Guide
  • Warranty Certificate
  • Batteries

The Samsung UN40C6300 Review;

Setting up the Samsung UN40C6300 was a simple affair; the shipping carton is designed to just lift off over the  super sexy and slim LED TV, a really well thought out and simple way of getting the TV outside the Box. (even 1 person can do it)

The TV itself is remarkably light for its size at just over 30lbs, so it is wise to place it in a location it won’t get knocked or bumped. We would recommend wall mounting the set as the best option. The set has the usual mounting holes in the rear for wall mounting.

Samsung UN40C6300 6 series LED TV slides onto the pedestal stand with ease and a couple of screws hold it in place permanently.

Samsung UN40C6300 Review

Samsung UN40C6300 Review

The set has every connection you could possibly want, plus a few extras you may not have considered.

HDMI - V1.3 – 4 in total, Side & Rear
USB - V2 – 2, both on the rear
Component Video Input
PC Input (VGA)
Optical Audio Output
Ethernet Connection
Headphone Socket

Truly an array of sockets any TV would be proud of.

Initial setup takes place in a matter of moments, the easy setup wizard on the Samsung UN40C6300 makes the programming of channels and naming of the connected equipment a super simple task. We had our set up and running in under 5 minutes.

We checked out the manufacturers specs on the image quality and found we only had to spend 10 minutes getting the picture how we liked it, ending up with a sublime viewing experience I will now attempt to describe.

The Samsung UN40C6300 reviewed is obviously fully compatible with your Blu-Ray Player, Your PS3 and your XBox360; Our first viewing experience was the masterpiece, Gladiator on Blu-Ray;

Samsung UN40C6300 Review

Samsung UN40C6300 Review

The first thing we see is that Blacks are actually BLACK, not some dark shade of grey, the LED back lighting technology on the UN40C6300 is put to great effect, completely eradicating any of the usual “hot spots” you see all so regularly on LCD based TVs. We feel it is the current best set at producing dark scenes, we were able to easily make out shadows in the darkness moving over the screen.

Image clarity is 100% with no appreciable motion blur. The colors are Vibrant, even Vivid, it is actually very hard to tell it is not a “real picture” as it were. You feel as though you could touch the clouds the picture is so fine.

This set is bundled with more extras than you can shake a stick at, everything your heart could desire;

Game Mode enhances the picture definition of your PS3 and XB0x 360, it really makes gameplay seem more natural, depending on the game of course.

The Samsung UN40C6300 reviewed had the ability to connect to your Home Network via either an Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi. You can stream movies either from the Web; Netflix and similar or direct from your Home PC , TVersity or your Media Centre . Plus, now it has never been easier to watch those downloaded torrent files on the TV. The DVD Player will soon be defunct.

The Samsung UN40C6300 Reviews conclusion;

A Stunning HD TV, Super Sexy Slim at just under 30mm, about an inch, with Features normally found only on TVs twice the price make this THE BARGAIN OF THE CENTURY.

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  1. ajay dutt says:

    We are all familiar with the Samsung LED TV which is good in quality. But in recent times LG has released its LED with an advanced TV panel which is far better than the old one. And the LG TV panel is claimed as best TV panel till now.

  2. abdul says:

    yup, I also heard about LG’s tv panel. but how long the new panel LED will last; that’s a big question.

  3. luv says:

    Sony’s TV panel are best of all. moreover they are using IPS panel in their led and 3d tv.

  4. swapand says:

    The best LED TV is i heard about is the LG 47LX9500 Infinia LED TV.It has the Full HD TV resolution up to 1920×1080 pixel, viewing angle of 178 degree and audio output os 10W+10W.

  5. gajani says:

    friends according to me the LG’s panel is the latest one, its performance is better than Sony or Samsung, as well as it’s having stable touch screen.

  6. reshekish says:

    For me i have LG LED TV 55LX9500 and i m loving it, it’s the best with the over all performance. I am dame sure that every ony would love to have one after experiencing it.

  7. mailto says:

    Well the LED TV Panel has under gone tremendous change in the quality, size and looks. The panel technology has all made it happen, for instance the big brand LG LED with IPS panel making is the superior over the other panel.

  8. devratna says:

    LG’s sound quality doesn’t stand anywhere among Sony, Samsung, Toshiba and Panasonic.


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