Since Google entered the internet arena, PPC (Pay Per Click advertizing on the internet) has been proven over and over again as a very efficient advertizing method, with potentially very high ROI, for virtually ANY kind and size of business.

The meteoric development of technology, and specifically the internet on one hand, and the ever improving reliability and comfort of this medium for the end users on the other hand, made the usage of PPC advertizing mechanisms such as Google AdWords a very easy-to-approach-and-activate platform, and therefore – used by millions of advertisers all around the globe.

As a part of Google’s quest to standardizing the World-Wide-Web (a.k.a the Internet), They have successfully standardized and mastered the art of Online Focused Advertizing – PPC Advertizing – in their world renowned Google AdWords system. This article uses examples taken from AdWords, but don’t worry – whatever works well in AdWords will work as well in any other PPC platform.

As the number of Google AdWords users keeps rising, a crucial amount of those advertisers choose to build and maintain PPC campaigns on-their-own, rather than spend extra cash on outsourced professionals to do the job. This gives a significant edge to businesses that choose to DO work with a professional qualified campaign manager.

In my view, this edge comes primarily from one of the key elements for successful PPC advertizing: Planned and Detailed Campaign Structure.

If you have ever used Google AdWords, you probably noticed the very strong dichotomy between the simplicity and speed that you would expect the system to deliver, and the actual complexity and long hours needed to make sense in all that ‘sea’ of options and information. Well – most people do not cross this boundary – they locate themselves in the comfortable zone of what I would call ‘the absurdly simple PPC Campaign’.


What is an ‘Absurdly simple PPC Campaign’?

Lets say it straight-forward: Most users of PPC advertizing platforms such as Google AdWords, have a very slim idea of what they’re doing. They typically read some explanations to a certain extent, but they don’t really go into deep studying – Hell! They have a business to run! They expect this magical Googly mechanism to bring clients cheap (because that’s what everyone says it does) – But they have no intention spending hours on hours studying!

So they do a very basic setup for their PPC campaign – much too basic to be able to bring them good quality customers or website traffic: They choose some keywords, write one text ad and…. whoom!  the ad is showing in Google! Yippy!


What is Detailed PPC Campaign Structure and why is it so important?

Detailed Campaign Structure (or architecture) is simply the way your PPC campaign is built. But what people find when they try to built an advertizing PPC campaign – is this it’s really not that simple.

In standard PPC platforms, the advertizing account is built in a logical hierarchy: campaigns, Ad groups within every campaign and ads+keywords inside every Ad group. When built correctly, this structure is highly detailed – and this detailed structure supports two extrememely important element in your advertizing PPC campaign:

1. A Detailed campaign lets Google UNDERSTAND each and every seperate part of your advertizing – and allows Google’s mechanism to DELIVER THE RIGHT ADS TO THE RIGHT PEOPLE.
In one word? Bingo!

2. A Detailed campaign alloows YOU, the advertizer to SEE WAHTS GOING ON, to analyze every bit of your advertizing – and CONTROL every part and micro-part SEPERATLY.
So you can OPTIMIZE your campaign in a VERY efficient way – and you can CONTROL YOUR BUDGET to bring you the highest ROI possible.

To sum-up things, I would say you should’nt be lazy, nor eliminate the option of outsourcing the PPC management to a proffesional – Because when PPC advertizing is done right and detailed – it will be the most efficient advertizing you can dream of – But when it’s not – it’s just a waste of your money.


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  1. Trump Network says:

    Great post, I have found that it’s a full time job to run my PPC campaign, espcially if I constantly refresh ads, tweakt the budget, and target the ads to certain geographic regions. Hiring a PPC expert would probably be money well spent.


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