Facebook is massive! With over 500 million registered users I am sure you will agree that this is a massive market, that if you are not already working on – you should be.

It is incredibly simple for you to create a page in Facebook for your business, product or service – but the one thing I find is that most people are not setting up or using these pages to their maximum potential. So what I wanted to do was to go through a couple of the simple things you can do to really get your Facebook page going and then share with you one simple SEO tip that will be great for your SEO.

1. Get A Facebook Landing Page

One of the most important parts to a Facebook page is it’s landing page. This is not a standard feature of pages, but if you find an iFrame app and a tutorial on the internet, you can quickly whip up a page that encourages new visitors to ‘like’ your page, and then direct them where to go next (whether that be leave you a message or look at your websites).

2. Leverage Off Your Personal Friends

When you are first kicking off your page it can be disappointing seeing how slow the first couple of  ‘fans’ start to grow. So the easiest way to kick things off with a bang is to recommend your new page to all your personal friends and to share the page on your wall.

Depending on the size of your ‘friends pool’ this could give you a base of 25-50 fans in the first couple of days.

3. Communicate Regularly

Now that you have some fans of your business or website – it is important to try and keep them. So I recommend posting on the page between once a day and once a week. Any more often and people will start to get annoyed and any less and you are not really getting any benefit from your page.

These updates don’t have to be anything fancy, it could be a link to you latest blog post, or a question or thought that you have had – that is relevant to your page.

What About The SEO Value Of A Page?

Now, while these first three aspects have focused on the social aspect of social networks, there are also SEO benefits as well.

Google and the other search engines are starting to search and index a lot of the large social networks very quickly and this gives us another opportunity to create a page that is targeted towards a specific keyword related to your business or niche.

For example, I run a local website design business and the main keyword I am currently targeting is ‘web design Sunshine Coast‘. So after I have optimised my website to this keyword, I want to target my Facebook page as well – so that I can get 3 listings on the first page of Google (1 for website, one for Facebook page and one for my Google Places listing) – because wouldn’t that provide one of the greatest forms of online authority?

How To Best SEO A Facebook Page

There are basically 3 main areas that you need to focus on when it comes to SEO for a Facebook page, and they are:

1. Your Page Title

The strategy I like to use when setting the title of my Facebook pages is keyword first, business name second. So for example, my page title is: ‘Sunshine Coast Web Design & SEO – WebsiteBuildr’.

I always like to include the business/product name, because this builds brand awareness.

2. Your Page Info

If the ‘page info’ section, you have quite a lot of different places to put some text. I like to keep it confined to ‘company overview’ and ‘website’. But make sure your keyword is within this section.

3. Your Custom Facebook URL

And then finally, once you get 25 ‘fans’ you are able to select a custom URL for your page. This means instead of the long address with a heap of numbers in it, you can have something like www.facebook.com/Website.

This is great for sticking on business cards, but something that I think carries a lot of weight is when you use this custom URL to target your keyword – because Google gives a lot of weight to having the keyword in the URL.

Taking that into account the custom URL that I decided on was: http://www.facebook.com/WebDesignSunshineCoast

If you put these three things together (don’t forget putting your keyword in the custom URL), and mix in some smart link building, then you have an extra chance of ranking for your desired keywords and in the process you are building a useful platform to communicate with people interested in what you provide.

This is something that you should definitely be adding into your local search engine optimisation mix.



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