Since Facebook has updated their system to use iFrames, it is now very easy to include WordPress content right into any Facebook page. The main advantage of using WordPress is the built-in easy to use editor.

The biggest obstacle I have found is actually finding easy-to-follow information. Many of the tutorials that exist online make it very difficult to follow. There are many steps involved for sure, but it is very easy to accomplish.

Let’s break it down into five steps:

  1. You need a page that is no more than 520 pixels wide
  2. The page of course needs to be ready online accessible by anyone
  3. Will need to create a Facebook application
  4. Then you will need to create a Facebook page
  5. The application will need to be added to the Facebook page

As you can see above there are only five steps needed to include a page on the internet and incorporated it into a Facebook page. I know this may seem intimidating to many, but if you will watch my video tutorial on Facebook I will walk you through each step.

The only requirement that you need to get started is a active WordPress site and understand how to install my free plug-in. The EZ WordPress Iframes plug-in makes it a snap and you can get it along with the video tutorials.

WordPress iFrames Tutorial:

After installing the free plug-in and watching my video tutorials you’ll be on your way to creating your first Facebook I-frames page.

Taking it to the next level and making money at providing this service is what many are doing right now as the market is hot.

Once you have set up two or three Facebook iframe pages for yourself, you could start offering the service to local businesses. I have seen others offering this service to local businesses for up to $1000 for a small page. Although I think that is an outrageous price since it only takes about one hour to set up a full featured page.

One great way to get started is offer a free page to a couple of local restaurants. How I got started was visiting a couple of the restaurants that seemed to have slow lunch business. Order something to eat and then speak with the manager or owner (he / she is sure to talk with you since you are a customer) and tell them you can build them a really cool Facebook page.

There are many ways to use this information for your own personal use and/or to capitalize on the new Facebook rage. All you need to do is use your imagination and you could be making money by next week!

One extra tip that I would like to point out: If you need (and you will) to hurry up and get “Likes” for the new pages you created, you can use this free service to get 50 or even 100 Likes within a few hours.


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