So you’ve stumbled onto The Magic Button?

The Magic Button is a Customizable “Like” Button for Facebook. OK, there are a lot of Facebook Like Button plug-ins available for WordPress; Why should you choose this one over all the others that are available?

The Magic Button LogoWell, this Special “Like” Button allows an affiliate email or “nickname” to be stored in the Facebook Post the button creates.

If someone clicks the link created, then buys whatever was on that page, the stored affiliate gets the Commission. It’s TRULY WICKED !

Increasing your sites visitor numbers.

We all love more visitors to our websites and blogs and it is tough, with literally millions of pages competing to get th traffic. Google keeps changing the game with it’s search engine updates, remember Panda anyone?

Offering the ability to make easy money to your site visitors is a sure fire way of increasing the traffic to your Site or Blog. It’s simple, they want money so find a way to give it to them

Enter: The Magic Button

It is a method of offering your visitors exactly that, the potential for easy money.

How to set-up The Magic Button for WordPress.

Grab a copy of The Magic Button for your WordPress site from :

The creator of the plug-in wanted to make this a simple and painless as possible because not all of us are internet wizards, this guide should help you understand the really easy steps needed to start the ball rolling.

The Magic Button is installed just like any other plug-in, from within your WordPress Admin Area. Just a single Click if you’re lucky.


First you should log-in to your WordPress Administration Area and install The Magic Button from the “Plug-in” menu; Using “Upload”, then select the zip file that you just downloaded to your computer.

Click “Activate” once it has uploaded. I said it was easy.


Select The Magic Button from the “Settings” Menu on the left; You will then see an admin options page with just 1 option, the page you want “liked”.

This is where you enter the “URL” to the Product you wish to allow your Site Visitors to “Like”;  Then Click Save.

(There is a list of Compatible Target URL’s available in This .)

That’s the button installed and setup, ready for use.


This is as easy as it gets, even easier than using the standard button provided by Facebook. No lines of code to copy and paste. Just a [short-code] where you want the Button.


(Put the Button on every page and post for maximum impact)

That’s it, it’s installed, setup and on your site.

The Magic Button – BLACK EDITION.

Perhaps you’re not into Affiliate Deals and just want to lever traffic to your site via Facebook,  then you might want to consider the BLACK EDITION Button?

This button can target any web-page from any other WordPress site on the web, it doesn’t even have to be on the same domain; Creating a Facebook post in the process. You could have hundreds of Like buttons spread around the net, all liking 1 page.

It also has a 2nd, more nefarious use as-well….

Working in exactly the same way at the normal Magic Button, but instead of allowing your site visitors to be the Affiliate, you can be.

So now your site visitors can ‘Like’ an offer, but with your email pre-installed.

When you use the Black Edition button you will find, in The Magic Button Settings Menu, an extra Text Entry Box that is not included with the standard button.

Put YOUR Pay-pal email address in here and click save.

The Magic Button – BLACK EDITION looks like ANY other “Like” Button.

This is a BRAND NEW Plug-in.

It can use Affiliate Offers Set-up using:



The $7 Dollar Script



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