Whether you absolutely love Facebook, or utterly despise it, one thing’s for sure- you can’t avoid it nowadays. This multi-billion dollar website (I’ve heard estimates of it being worth around $50 BILLION) is pretty much a household name.

Smart companies are recognizing this and are using it as a tool to bolster their brand. For example, rather than promoting their url on television commercials, many businesses are promoting their Facebook pages and asking viewers to become fans.

Yes, Facebook does place limitations on what type of business you can conduct on it (for example, they have rules and limitations concerning contests on fan pages), but it is still a powerful medium to promote your brand and convert fans to customers.

You want to have a nice looking, easy to use fan page to attract Facebook users and encourage them to participate. Initially, you’ll want invite all your friends to like your page, and encourage your fellow workers to do the same. Once your page reaches a certain number of likes, getting new ones will be a lot easier, thanks to the herd effect.

But if you really need that initial boost, it’s a great idea to if your budget allows for it.

Let’s take a look to NEVER EVER do when creating a fan page for your business or brand.

1. Creating a Group instead of Fan Page

Be sure to use a fan page rather than group pages. Group pages are somewhat outdated and are not as versatile. And definitely do not use a personal profile page.

Be sure choose your Facebook page title carefully, since once you set it, you’re stuck with it. Here, it’s best to use your brand name. You want others to find you easily.

Once you get 25 likes (aka, 25 fans), you can choose your custom page url. Instead of an ugly url such as Facebook.com/pages/myawesomebusiness/94723947, you get the short and sweet, Facebook.com/myawesomebusiness.

On a side note, do not EVEN THINK about modifying your page name or URL for SEO purposes. For example if you have a skateboard business called “Zen Boards”, do not name your page something like “Zen Boards: Skateboards, skate decks, skate wheels, grip tape and more”. Sure it’ll help your rankings for keywords a teensy bit, but what’s more likely to happen is that people won’t want to like and share your page because it looks spammy.

Same goes for the URL. Keep it simple with a Facebook.com/yourbrand.

There will be plenty of opportunities to optimize your fan page for certain keywords when you create content for your page and do some backlinking. At first, just focus on establishing your brand.

2. Not having a Wall

Fan page walls are crucial. Yes, they will require moderation, but they allow for user interaction, which causes fans to invest into your business and ultimately become customers. People love answering questions you pose as status updates. Ask them how they’ll be spending Valentines days, what’s their favorite scary movie, or anything else to get them to like and comment.

Another critical reason to include a wall is that they provide MASSIVE social proof. When a potential fan sees that tons of other users are commenting on your wall, they instantly know that you are a legitimate business and trust you right away. This is one of the FASTEST ways you can establish credibility.

3. Trying to Always Sell

Remember that the average Facebook user uses it for personal communication and social networking, not business reasons. No one goes on Facebook thinking, “Hmm I want to buy a sweater from the Gap this week, so let me check on their fan page”. Instead, they log on to see what’s going on with their friends and possibly participate in active discussions.

So you’re your Facebook marketing strategy is not to SELL, SELL, SELL, but to engage with users and build trust and rapport with them using a social medium they are familiar with.

Always trying to push your product/service in your fan’s faces shows that you don’t really CARE about THEM. It’s a sure way to get a lot of unlikes!

In conclusion…

Of course, there are many other dos and don’ts when creating a Facebook fan page. If you enjoyed this article, be sure to check out Social Brawn. Besides offering quality Facebook fan packages, we have a super awesome (IMO at least) blog that is constantly updated with effective social marketing tips and strategies.

What do you think are the top don’ts of FB fanpages and what are some amazing/horrible ones you’ve come across? (leave a comment below, URLs would be awesome) Thanks for reading!


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