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blogging-topicsYou drank the Kool-Aid and added a blog to your website after all the “experts” told you that blogging’s great for SEO. It’s an easy way to add new content to your site on a regular basis, it gives you additional opportunities to be found for keyword phrases, and Google seems to love them. And all of this is true. But a couple months in, you’ve hit a wall.

You have no idea what to write about next.

You’re busy. You’re running a business, you’re trying to stay on top of all this web marketing stuff, and you’re also trying to balance family and social life. How can you be expected to constantly churn out fresh information on a weekly basis? It can be overwhelming. But there are ways to quickly search for potential topics to write about which should help get the creative juices flowing.

Google Wonder Wheel

A helpful little tool that Google is nice enough to let us use is their Wonder Wheel.  They released it almost two years ago and it’s a visual representations of related searches based on keyword phrases that are queried. In order to give it a spin, you need to be at a search results page and then click on “Wonder Wheel” on the left side of the page in the “All Results” column.

Just by typing in some industry keywords, you can get insight as to what people are searching for. If you know what they’re searching for, why not write a blog post that gives them an answer? Let’s try the niche worm farms.



OK, so worm farms are kind of weird but maybe you’re an affiliate marketer and this was the niche that was right for you. So what else can you use for content to add to your worm farm site?  The Google Wonder Wheel gives me a bunch of different topics: worm farm bin, starting a worm farm, worm farms for kids, building a worm farm, fishing worm farms, etc.  That should definitely help give you a jump start for content ideas.

Google Autocomplete

It sounds almost too simple. Start typing keywords that are related to your business into Google and Google will start trying to guess what you’re searching for. The beauty here is that you might be able to find some phrases that could potentially be topics for blog posts and this gives you an idea of what people are using for keyphrases.

Here’s an example:


For a merchant account company, they might want to write a post about and what customers can expect when they sign up with a credit card processor.

Wordtracker Keyword Questions

For quite awhile, Wordtracker let anyone use this keyword question tool and it was AWESOME! They’ve since made it so you have to sign up for a free account to use it (boooo!) and you can only use it 19 times (at which point, you can just sign up with a different email address) but it’s still a pretty good resource (  All you have to do is type in a keyword phrase and it generates a list of questions (and sometimes phrases) that people have typed into search engines containing those words.

Let’s say that a company offering credit card processing internet merchant accounts wants to get general topic ideas about credit card processing:



It spit out a lot of different ideas that they could easily run with.  How about “my credit card processing machine is not pci compliant”? That might be a great blog post to talk about the implications of not being PCI compliant and position themselves as experts in their industry.

After you’ve culled some great post ideas from these tools, get to writing!  If you’re on a hot streak, you may want to write a few posts at a time and set them to publish at certain times. Don’t forget to use the phrases you’re writing about in the blog post’s titles whenever you can. It’ll give you a great chance in the SERPs to be seen when someone is typing in that exact topic.

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