Passive Niche Profits AVR 3312CIOkay guys, we’ve been talking in previous posts about how to jump start your passive niche profits online business, by way of selling physical products to a select, highly commercial group of folks within a given niche.

Rather than continue to blab on and give nothing but general theory, with no practical application steps, I thought I’d do something different with this post.

I wanted to use an actual case study to drive home the affiliate marketing techniques I’ve been writing about.  After all, what better way to really grasp the concepts then to see them in place first hand.

So, following the exact steps I’ve been detailing to all my readers here on Top 100 writers, I went ahead and made a simple case study site.

My Denon AVR-3312CI Money Maker Site

I’d been interested in finding a new stereo receiver for my movie room and thought this might be a great niche market to roll with… and so that’s what I chose…

Anyways, I came across a new receiver by Denon — the network receiver to be exact — and decided to make a review website around it…

You can see that it truly is simplistic in nature.  All in all, I spent about 45 minutes setting up the site and maybe another hour or two (in total) researching and writing the few blog posts.

After that, I simply grabbed an affiliate link from Amazon and linked it up to the picture of the AVR 3312CI and I was almost instantly in business.

Within 24 hours, I was on the second page for the targeted keywords (AVR-3312CI and AVR-3312CI review)… and within a few days I was on page one…

Exactly 4 days after putting up that site, I’d gotten my first sale — a $40 commission (not bad, right?).  I expect to make at least a sale a day from here on out.  Even cooler, my work is pretty much done, and this laughable little site is going to add yet another stream of income to my ever-expanding passive niche profits business…

Next up, I’ll break down the finer points of how I built the site, then we’ll get into how I got it ranked so quickly.


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