Trying to get your company or product noticed can be a very difficult thing to achieve these days. With people being bombarded left right and centre from advertisements on television, the internet, on the radio, on buses or wherever you else you find them, how can you ensure that your advertisement is noticed?

One potential method is that of scaffolding banners, an under-appreciated but very effective means of advertising.

Scaffolding Banners

Scaffolding banners are effectively very large posters that cover the scaffolding around building sites. Whoever heads up a construction project will be very aware of the fact that scaffolding around a building creates a public eyesore. Because of this they would be more than happy to sell advertising space on the scaffolding covering to cover up the mess and improve the aesthetics of the project for the sake of public approval.

Scaffolding banners are a great way of advertising.

Scaffolding banners are a great way of advertising.

Not only this, but a covering around scaffolding provides extra protection for the building against falling debris and prevents vandals attempting to damage any windows. If it means the construction project director can further offset costs they will be more than happy to sell advertising space on their scaffolding covering for a banner.

Unavoidable Advertising

It’s more prevalent in the US, but many advertisers have realised that bigger is better and large billboards are a very effective means of advertising. They are very difficult to miss, so the message inherent in the advertisement is communicated loud and clear. With scaffolding banners, you are offered a significant amount of advertising space, equal to or greater than a large billboard.

Not only this, but scaffolding banners effectively take over a building. For anyone used to walking past that area, the change will make them pay attention! Significantly changing the appearance of the building will, without question, make even the locals stop and look.

Making the banner attractive, colourful and eye-catching will help the eye of passers-by be inextricably drawn to the advertisement.

Prime Locations

People pay exorbitant amounts for prime location advertising, be it in the middle of town or in a really busy and easily accessible location.

Scaffolding banners act as a form of opportunist advertising, in that the chance to get your name out there is only available for a limited time (however long it takes to finish construction work), but it’s one that really pays off.

Scaffolding banner is often in a prime location.

Scaffolding banner is often in a prime location.

For example, if you have an established high street, the advertising space will be already occupied and opportunities will be probably few and far between anyway. If however, one of the buildings on the high street needs construction work done that merits scaffolding, a scaffolding banner allows you access to that high street and lets you advertise in a prime location previously inaccessible.

The other real advantage is that people know where to find the information if they decide they want to take advantage of what’s being advertised.


Scaffolding banners are a brilliant means of advertising and provide you with a very large advertising space in locations that would otherwise be inaccessible. They often are overlooked as they are not a permanent fixture but if you can get advertising space on a scaffolding banner, it really is a great means of spreading the word about your product or services.



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