Introduction – Direct mail marketing is an extremely beneficial form of marketing your business, products and/or services. Not only do you generate leads, you can save time and money compared to other forms of advertising e.g. TV, and radio. These can be very expensive and even cost prohibitive.

Planning – Within the space of a week you can plan, design and deliver your campaign. This is great because you can time your promotion to suit any changes taking place in the market. You have total control over your campaign, especially in the design of your brochures, and whether or not you include any special offers or coupons in the promotion.

Advantages – Probably the biggest advantage with direct mail marketing is the ability to make a personal connection with prospective customers. This can be achieved by addressing the mail-out with the persons or organizations name. It also allows you to have a customer base if you build, store, and maintain a mailing list. Your list may be on the small side to start with, but with a bit of time a large list of potential customers can be built.

Response – Direct mailing also allows you to easily track the responses to your campaign. Count the number of responses against the number of brochures or pamphlets you send out. E.g. 10,000 pamphlets sent out and 750 inquiries – your “response rate” would be 7.5 %. You can further refine this figure by counting the number of sales that your 750 inquiries generated.

Targeting – is used to target specific individuals or groups. These targets could be of a certain age group or sex e.g. Females aged 18 years to 25 years, or males 25 years to 35 years of age. You may wish to target certain groups such as sporting clubs, gyms, and health centers. For example, if someone is interested in golf they may be interested in discounts on golf equipment etc. Direct mail marketing is a “call to action” so to speak, where the prospective customer may be required to call a certain phone number or visit a web site to avail the offer or promotion.

General Information – Direct mail marketing has been around since the early 1870’s when the first mail order catalogue was produced. Last year over $153 Billion was spent on direct marketing in the U.S. alone. These marketing campaigns generated nearly $2 Trillion in incremental sales and directly and indirectly support nearly 10 million jobs. The United States Postal Service (USPS) has special rates for bulk mailings, making it even more cost efficient to run your marketing campaign.

Conclusion – If you are looking to target specific people or groups, direct mail marketing is probably the best way to go. It is cost effective, efficient, and gives you control over the design and format of the mail-out. You can run a very effective marketing campaign with only a small budget. It can be as simple as flyers printed at home using your PC connected to a printer, and then walking around the neighborhood or suburb and hand delivering. Direct mail marketing really does work.


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