The main aim of any advertisement using website ads or email messages if to increase the amount of traffic on that website. This should be kept in mind that not only the traffic is important but turning the new visitors into potential customers is more important. Although this task sounds a bit difficult but a good landing page elaborating on the ad copy can help achieving this goal.

The Formula to Employ:

The basic trait of successful landing pages is that they constitute brief ad copy that can either be spoken words or printed text to maximize information for visitors. Creating a separate landing page for each campaign is not a good idea as it takes a lot of effort and money to create your online ads.

1. Skip B.S: don’t bulge the page with overwhelming details to create annoyance for the visitor. Highlight the major prospects that you want to present before the visitors. Your landing page will appear more trustworthy if it contains information originally promised in your ad. So be very careful while choosing information to be contained in your landing page.

2. Let them peep deeply inside your offer: make your site as much informative as possible but keep in mind that you are not going to overload the landing page with irrelevant information. This will facilitate the visitor to explore more about the product or service you offer.

The initial statement in this regard is primary importance. Visitors will feel intrigued if the initial statement acts as a premier for them and they will automatically feel inclined to explore more information.

3. Include cohesive aesthetics: after clicking on some link within your site, people should feel like “was there any need to click here?”  Such situations can be avoided be using consistent layouts, images, fonts, colors and navigation in your landing page and ads.

4. Collect useful information only: be careful while requesting for information from people. Emphasize on making it as simple as possible and ask for their name and contact information. Most of the online visitors believe that no valuable information is available free of cost.

People often take interest in completing surveys in order to get some free products or other benefits. You can take advantage of this tool but always provide a link to your privacy policy in order to make the visitors aware of the conditions under which you intend to make use of their information.

5. Use search engines as much as possible: submit your landing page to search engines as you will get double advantage of it. Search engines do well for keyword rich texts and let you achieve your goals conveniently.

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Test and then analyze:

Before proceeding for spending funds on some marketing campaign, conduct a usability testing on your lending paged to increases chances of your success. This will help catching errors that probably cause break-page display. Experimenting with different layouts and text styles also improves chances for success.  Make sure that you are not going to do any sort of negligence as this can have serious impacts on your earning.


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