Today we are going to be reviewing the new Samsung UE46D7000 3DTV which is part of the new range of 2011 D7000 Series 3D televisions.   As you are probably seen the amount of televisions available on the market at the moment is simply bewildering and it can become very confusing when it comes to research into buying a new television.
One of the main features you may have noticed that seems to be getting all the headlines is 3D, 3D televisions first arrived on our shores a little over 12 months ago and in that time the range of 3D TVs has almost quadrupled in size and it shows no sign of slowing down as 2011 brings us more 3-D content than ever before. Just take a look at your local cinema and you will see that nearly every major Hollywood blockbuster that is being released this year is in 3D which means by the end of the year there will be so much more 3D content to watch.
Now let’s bring our attention back to the new Samsung UE46D7000 which is the 2011 upgrade from last year’s D7000 series.  Samsung has been at the forefront of the new 3D revolution and sales of its 3D televisions have surpassed all others, so what is their new 2011 range really like?
The new range of Samsung D7000 TV’s are available in three different sizes starting with the smallest at 40 inch UE40D7000, a 46 inch and ue46d7000 and the largest being a 55 inch UE55D7000. We will be taking a look at 46 inch model.
The first thing you will notice when taking this 3D television from its box is just how light this television is, now last year’s models were renowned for how slim light they were, but somehow Samsung has managed to make this television even thinner and lighter than ever before. The bezel on this television is just point 5 centimetres, it makes you wonder how on earth Samsung have managed to make an edge lit television without seemingly having any edges.  This really does give a great aspect of the television, in a sense when you look at it all you are really seeing is just screen which looks amazing, if you put this television on your wall it would look like a painting, one of the great things that Samsung pays a lot of attention to is the look and style of the television and with the UE46D7000 you really are getting a stunning looking television set which any wife or girlfriend would be happy to have sitting in the living room. The television comes with a cross for chrome stand which is identical to what was seen on last year’s models and the thickness of the television set is under 24 mm which is quite incredible.

Next we should look at connectivity which now plays a very important part when choosing a television, the Samsung UE46D7000 and comes with three USB’s, which is one more than on last year’s model, 4 HDMI inputs an optical output which helps you’re going to connect this TV to an existing home cinema setup or amplifier, it also comes with a freeview HD tuner so you can get free HD channels without subscription direct from the box and it also comes with freesat HD tuner which is a new edition for this year’s models, so if you’re not in a Freeview HD area yet the freesat tuner is a great addition.  The Samsung 46” also comes with a pc input, 2 scart adaptors and it has changed its mains lead to a figure of eight lead instead of a fixed lead so now you can have more control over how far from the mains socket your television can be.
The only comes with one pair of 3D glasses so if you’re in a household with more than one person you will need to purchase more glasses, some retailers have some special offer bundles available which will include extra 3D glasses so it’s well worth looking out for these. Samsung have also updated their active shutter 3-D glasses, the glasses are no longer connected to the television via infrared instead they connected via Bluetooth, the glasses also feel a lot lighter than last year’s generation.
Now if you have been researching the new range of televisions you may come across Samsung’s marketing of what they call the smart television!

So what is the Samsung smart TV?

Well basically as you’re probably aware by now televisions have moved on from just being a device to watch programmes and movies, they are now fully interactive! All of the Samsung d7000 models are integrated with the new innovative Samsung Smart Hub is a, this allows you to not only surf the Internet on your television, but also to keep in touch with all your friends and family via all the leading social networking applications such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and skype.  Samsung also has its own App Store so you can download even more great content.
Moving away from all the great features, we come to one of the most important aspects about choosing a new television and that is picture quality!
I have to say that the picture quality on this set is nothing more than sublime, on watching the Blu-ray disc of Lord of the rings I was blown away by the amount of detail that was shown, with nice rich deep blacks, but the real surprise is just how much better the 3D picture is compared to last year’s models. The UE46D7000 3D picture looked so much sharper and clearer than I have ever seen before on a Samsung 3D set, there was far more less crosstalk noise down on last year’s models which were one of its major let downs.  I tested out the 3D Blu-ray of Monsters Versus Aliens and I have to say that the picture was incredible and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.   I thought that this televisions HD picture was pin sharp, very clear and very bright with deep rich saturations and the subtlety that made the picture so much more believable.
If you’re thinking about purchasing the new Samsung UE46D7000 and would like to know where to get the cheapest deals in the UK make sure you click on the banner below where you will be taken to the ue46d7000 price comparison page where you will be able to see at a glance where to get the cheapest price for this model, you will also find any discount voucher codes that these merchants may have released.


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