The Samsung Omnia W and the Nokia Lumnia710 are two different phones from two different mobile phone manufacturing companies. They are of very different specifications from each other, but the number of both external and internal similarities of the two has made a lot of people think that the two are the same thing; this has necessitated a very serious clarification to let users understand the difference between the two. Some even see the two as a mimic of each other. This will necessitate a primary separate review of each other to ascertain where the differences lie.

The Nokia Lumnia 710;

It is made of a candy bar touch screen that is of TFT and 16m colors, its weight is about125.5 gram. The display size is about 480 x800 pixels inches and 252ppi pixel density. The screen resolution is of a Nokia clear back display. It also has 2 and 3G network. The alert types are vibration MP3and WAV ringtones. It has a speakerphone, an 8GB internal storage and 512 MB RAM.  Class 33 edge and GPRS. The speed is HSDPA14.4 Mbps, HSUPA 5.76Mbps, it has Bluetooth and GPS. Wi-Fi, a camera of 5mp autofocus with led light, an Fm radio, MP 3 and MP 4., it has java and QUALCOMM snapdragon. The battery is a li-on battery of 1300mah.

The Samsung Omnia W;

This is made of a candy bar touch screen, that is of super AMOLED and 16m colors with a weight of 115.3 grams. It also has 480 x 800pixels, 3.7inchews and 252ppi pixel density. The screen is of a multi touch input. This has both 2and 3g applications. It has a vibration, MP3 and WAV ringtones it also has good speakerphone. 8GB storage and 512 MB RAM. The speed is put at HSDPA 14.4Mbps, HSUPA, and 5.76 Mdps. This has Bluetooth and GPS applications. It has Wi-Fi, a 5megapixel camera with autofocus, an FM radio, MP 3 and MP 4 and a1500mah battery


The sizes of the two devices are not the same. The touch screen is also of two different types,

The screen resolutions are all touch, but are off different technologies and types. The record of calls varies in the two. The class 33 edge and GPRS applications enjoyed by Nokia Lumnia 710 are not applicable in Samsung Omnia W. The java and QUALCOMM snapdragon possessed by Nokia makes it very unique and different from Samsung. But the battery life is another differing area where Samsung has amore powerful battery of 1500 as against Nokia 1300. These phones are very much like the same, but these are some of the noticeable differences.

One major difference which no one can doubt about these phones is that they are not made by the same company. Sequel to this, their network adaptation and retention level is not the same. Again while the Nokia Lumnia 7 normally comes in many different colors, The Samsung Omnia W is always presented in a black colored output. The difference majorly lies in the effects both of these gives when used and not just in the components. But in the real sense, they are two phones that are highly recommendable to people who desire and deserve quality.

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