In the popular game Angry Birds, you can find ‘Golden Eggs’ somewhere in the game.
If you have one of those Golden Eggs, you will get an extra game to play.

So where can we find them?
I will explain it here:

1. In the beginning of the game, press on the ‘I’ for information, if you scroll down a bit you will find a golden egg.

2. You can do this in any level: When you are playing a game, press on the question mark (?) and scroll a bit further untill you see the white bird, who is dropping a golden egg.

3. In the beginning to  select a ‘world’ you will see a sun. Doulbe click on that sun and you will receive a golden egg.

4. Poached Eggs, go to page 1, level 8 and tapp on the treasure chest. As long as it will come out.

5. Poached Eggs, go to the second page level 2 (2-2). Destroy the beach ball in order to get another golden egg.

6. Mighty Hoax, page 4 level 7. If you zoom out you will see it in the top-right corner. Hit it with one of your (angry) birds.

7. Mighty Hoax page 5 level 19. Hit with your white bird, the rock on the right of the first ‘statue’.

8. Danger Above, page 6 level 14. You have to hit the yellow balloon to get the golden egg from this level.

9. Danger Above,  page 8 level 15. It is beneath you, zoom out and hit it with the bird.

10. Go to all the levels of Danger Above. Then go to the right, and try to reach page 4. On this page there is a big golden egg.

11. The Big Setup, page 9 level 14. Zoom out, at the bottom right corner you will find a golden egg. Hit it.

12.The Big Setup, page 10 level 3. Hit the duck to get the golden egg in this level of Angry Birds.

13. The Big Setup, page 11 level 15. Throw your boomerang bird backwards, and you will see the golden egg.

14. Get 3 stars in every level of Poached Eggs.

15. Get 3 stars in all the levels of Mighty Hoax.

16. Get 3 stars in every level of Danger Above.

17. Get all the 3 stars in every level of the Big Setup.

If you are able to get all these stars, then you are officially a PRO (especially when you got stars number 14 untill 17)
Now you can start playing another very hard game,



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  1. John says:

    Thanks for making this nice article. I almost have all the golden eggs, but still missing 14-17 which are just really difficult to get.
    Although there are some videos, like on the website of angry birds ( with a walkthrough on how to get in every level 3 stars. But still it’s diffiuclt, and I still don’t have them all :(

    Anyway, thanks for the post :)

  2. Guido Guido says:


    That’s what I told you :P If you get the golden eggs of 14-17 you are PRO. Especially when you can do it without the walkthrough video.

    If you are stuck, you can watch them here:

  3. Guido Guido says:

    Does anyone already accomplished to get all the golden eggs?
    If so, can you maybe tell us your ‘secret’ ^^ ?

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