Are you preparing yourself for the upcoming Check Point Certified Master Architect certification examination? The certification will be your asset to attain more promising future ahead in the field of Information Technology. It will be your armament when it comes to Check Point engineering. To be able to end up successful in your quest for brighter future through passing the examinations, review materials and self test engines are helpful. While there numerous quantities of self-help guide materials in the market, particularly in the internet, not all of them can assure your success. Most often than not, you will just be spending your valuable time, effort and money for invaluable and useless stuffs. With this, it is best to understand well what the exam is all about and avail of tested review guides that will surely guarantee a hundred percent passing rate.

Description: 156-100 Check Point Certified Master Architect examination is created to generate security masters, which are capable of designing and executing a complete end to end Check Point security solution. It is the topmost level of certification that will validate an IT professional’s skills and expertise when it comes to Check Point security products. Candidates to this exam must prove that they can design secure enterprise security networks, install, configure or troubleshoot complex solutions to security, and can test security effectiveness while implementing remediation plans.

This exam, along with other Check Point certification exams, will contain an experience component that is not based on the course materials, itself. Certified professional, instructors and SecureKnowledge are behind the formulation of test questions. The prerequisites before an applicant can undertake the exams are certifications in CCSA, CCSE and CCME. The exam will be composed of written and hands-on lab test.

Benefits: There are lots of advantages once you successfully surpassed the test and become certified. Other than paving your way for a promising future in the field of IT, you will earn the respect and recognition of possessing the Check Point’s highest level of certification. It will absolutely bring pride to the successful candidate.

Furthermore, possessing the certification will make you create comprehensive security architectures. You can also develop maintenance plans amidst complex security solutions. It will also be easier for you to incorporate up-scaling and upgrades in order to maintain the maximum function of the network.Likewise, you can test the effectiveness of security and can implement plans for remediation.

Process of Registration: Since there are two component of the exam, which is written and practical, there are two ways to undertake: For the written examination, it is available from Pearson Vue test centers. You shall contact Check Point for vouchers of the CCMA test. The next thing is to visit Pearson Vue and look for exam code 156-100. In order to pass the test, you must obtain result that will not fall below 80%. The result of the test is available immediately afterwards. For hands-on lab exam, it will be available at Check Point. It will be undertaken for 8 long hours. To avail of the practicum, contact Check Point and enrol. During the practical exams, you will be ordered to implement a complete end-end solution for security, save and discuss log files, and document your activities. In a matter of four weeks, you will receive the results after the proctor have evaluated your progress.

With the aforementioned, it is best to prepare yourself with thorough practices for the lab exams and review guides for possible questions. Preparations can be great with the Royal Package offered by

After getting 156-100 Certification it is strongly recommended to do  Check Point Certified Security Administrator R70 Update


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