The IT industry is showing tremendous growth that lead to a huge job creation in this field. Many organizations are hiring IT professionals that hold specific credentials which are helpful to pursue a successful IT career. There are many certifications offered by different sources in order to provide a validation for the specific skills and expertise of the candidates. The best 5 IT certifications along with their description are mentioned below.


The Microsoft Certified IT professional (MCITP) is considered to be the major new-generation Microsoft certification. It is available for different fields of expertise that include server administration, database development, database administration and enterprise messaging administration. The MCITP credential authenticates that the candidate has all the professional skills and required job role capabilities. A certified professional has to pass different Microsoft exams which are directly related to his job role in the field of IT. When Microsoft will suspend the mainstream support for platforms which are targeted within MCITP exam, the MCITP will automatically retire.


The Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist or MCTS is a new-generation credential that helps the IT professionals to authenticate their skills regarding the installation, maintenance and troubleshooting of any Microsoft technology. The certifications of MCTS are designed to enhance the expertise and skills of a candidate. The certification requires the candidate to pass several exams which are very tightly targeted in order to focus on certain responsibilities for a certain platform. The designations of MCTS will expire with the suspension of mainstream support for corresponding platform by Microsoft. Like other new-generation Microsoft certifications, these changes can add a great value to accreditation.

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Security is a growing concern in the field of IT. It is a very critical topic and its importance is growing day by day. The Security+ credential offers a very respected and vendor neutral foundation for the IT professionals having 2 years of experience and who want to achieve proficiency along with the security fundamentals. The Security+ certification only requires one exam to be passed so it is being recommended that an IT professional responsible for the management of client data or any other sensitive kind of information should have this certification. It validates that the professionals are skilled with the knowledge of access control, organizational system security, network infrastructure and auditing.


IT is not just about networking, support and administration. There is a need for professionals who are responsible for the creation and maintenance of programs and applications that can power different organizations. The credential of Microsoft Certified Professional Developer or MCPD is very important in this regard. This certification can easily measure the capability of a developer to build and maintain different software solutions by using the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 and Visual Studio 2008. The certification focuses on the IT professionals who are responsible for the designing, operation and optimization of different Microsoft technologies in order to fulfill business requirements. The certification will automatically retire when there will be a suspension of mainstream support for corresponding platform by Microsoft.


The Project Management Professional or PMP credential is a very popular certification that focuses on specific expertise and skills. The PMP examination is carried out by Project Management Institute or PMI which is a non profit organization and is a major membership association working for project management professionals. The PMP certification can measure the expertise of candidates in the field of project management by providing an authentication for the knowledge and skills essential for the planning, execution, leading and budgeting a technology project. The candidates must have at least 5 years of experience in project management in order to become eligible for attempting the PMP exam.


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