Adventure Travel

Travelers today want an experience that takes them far from the grind of their everyday life. They’re seeking a sense of adventure, a bit of wonder, the opportunity to create unique and lasting memories in an exotic locale. Here are five...


Boracay Island – Looking for an Exceptional Beach Vacation?

If so, well search no more. Boracay Island is definitely a spot you would visit in order to chill out and unwind while having a bit of good fun. 200 miles south of Manila within the Philippines Archipelago, this amazing exotic island is definitely... read more »


5 Ideas For An Aussie Bloke’s Weekend Away

Every now and then, a bloke needs to get away with his mates. Here is our ultimate guide to male-centric holiday destinations! Whether it’s because men are notoriously bad at organising things or because it’s just more of a ‘female friend’... read more »


Far East Cruise Destinations

Singapore, Thailand and the Far East Isn’t it time you loosen up a little, maybe more than a little. The list of exciting cruise trips to Singapore, Thailand and the Far East cannot be exhausted in a hurry. Exotic destinations and breathe... read more »


5 Adventure Holiday Activities in Australia

For some people, a holiday isn’t a holiday until they’re perched on a sun-lounge by a pool, sipping a cocktail and reading a novel. Others prefer their holidays to come with a side of cultural education, so for them, the perfect holiday... read more »


How To Raise The Top Of A Pop Up Camper

If you are looking at traveling around the country, whether that is for a long vacation or short weekend getaways, one of the most exciting options is a driving holiday. Each country has so much to see but the majority of its population has... read more »


Sipadan Diving

Are you and your friends looking for the best diving site?  You don’t need to waste your time and effort.  Sipadan Island is the best place where you can find the best diving deals and scuba diving options.  Sipadan diving has been one... read more »


Sipadan Island Diving

Looking for a summer adventure?  Do you love to swim and you’re not afraid to dive deep sea water?  Then Sipadan Island diving site in Malaysia is the perfect place for you.  You can also invite your friends and family to come over and... read more »


5 Don’t Miss Highlights on the Ring of Kerry

You’re finally in County Kerry, on the Ring of Kerry, and amazed at the beauty that is Ireland. You’ve toured the beautiful gardens at and toured Muckross House, seen Fungi the Dolphin in Dingle, huffed it up Skelling Michael. You’ve seen... read more »