Mobile Phones

Smartphones Helping Professionals and Making Their Work Easy

The smartphones are not only used for making calls and texting, but are used in completing ones professional lives, as well. The apps that are available nowadays can be used by professionals for completing their professional work efficiently... read more »


Different Features in Nokia Mobiles

There are Nokia 3G mobiles available in the market. These mobile phones are there in the market with features of dual SIMS and dual processors. C2 series of Nokia mobiles is there that is helping people in using two SIMS in a phone at a time.... read more »


Nokia N9 – The first Smartphone with MeeGo Operating System

Nokia N9 – the first Smartphone with MeeGo operating system. Although Nokia said recently that it will reconsider its position on the platform MeeGo after they abandoned this project for Windows Mobile, we thought to present some information... read more »


Choosing iPhone Service Providers… Are They Any Different?

AT&T and Verizon are both offering the iPhone 4 with their telcom package. Which is better? Or are they both the same? Many people are asking this question, and here are some things that have been noted to help you make your final decision. They... read more »


State Farm iPhone App Rates Your Driving

Insurance company State Farm has built an Apple iPhone application which examines the user’s proficiency behind the wheel and gives these individuals tips on bettering themselves, presumably for anyone without a passenger do that for... read more »


Buying Refurbished Cell Phones

Purchasing refurbished cell phones is almost all exactly the same no matter which model of phone you are looking to buy. It doesn’t make a difference exactly what kind of refurbished mobile phone you will be getting, the sole difference... read more »


The top three reasons why mobile phone insurance claims get declined

The top three reasons why mobile phone insurance claims get declined Today’s mobile phones are quite a costly investment, especially with the introduction of smartphones. Therefore it would be a significant oversight to not insure whichever... read more »