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Smartphones Helping Professionals and Making Their Work Easy

The smartphones are not only used for making calls and texting, but are used in completing ones professional lives, as well. The apps that are available nowadays can be used by professionals for completing their professional work efficiently... read more »


The telecom services in Mauritius

If you are going to Mauritius whether on holidays or on a business trip, you will no doubt want to connect to the Internet at one point. Indeed, as much as you may want to go without the Internet if you are merely in holidays in Mauritius, our... read more »


ChaCha and Salsa – Release from the house of HTC

The market is buzzing with new smart phones from almost every mobile phone manufacturer. Adapting the latest technologies and implementing it into their devices is the latest trend amongst competitors. With the view of keeping healthy competition... read more »


Why the HTC Evo is still a very popular phone

In the last six months, we have truly seen an evolution in the quality of Android based phones. They keep on getting better and better. Some people are even hesitant to purchase one because they feel as if they would be left out when the next... read more »


White iPhone 5 – Photos and Wishlist

What will the iPhone 5 look like?  The world wants to know, but Steve Jobs is keeping his lips sealed. We know that Steve likes to keep his secrets close to the chest.  Here are some interesting features we would love to see in a new iPhone... read more »