Web Hosting

A good VPS hosting provider is essential to your online business. Its purpose is to provide you with a server that can handle the growing needs and changes of your business while providing your customers with a reliable site they can use to...


Why Linux hosting & cPanel?

Why Linux hosting & cPanel?   Linux Hosting is generally much cheaper that other types of hosting, more powerful and comes with many more features. cPanel gives you access to a hole array of tools to cover all your needs, Email, Webmail,... read more »


Reliable Dedicated & Reseller Webhosting!

Reliable Reseller Webhosting!   I have been playing with webhosting, for the last 4 years now trying to make a living online, so I started off looking for a webhosting provider “not an easy task” so many to pick from and everyone sounds... read more »


First let me be plain and tell you what the way you choose where you host your sites can greatly impact the way your sites rank in the search engines for your chosen keywords. Surely most of you readers have experienced almost the same thing...


How To Use “Hot Linking” To Stop File Sharing

If you are an Internet Marketer or in a related field you have surely faced the fact that many people are just not honest. Once many pay for, or even worse find files on your hosting account they feel the urge to share your files. It does not... read more »