Pay Per Click: Leading the Way of “Internet Marketing”

The World of Internet is growing by the day and it has invaded our lives like never before. Almost everyone today is net savvy and their life is being made easier due to the multi-purpose facet of the Internet. So much so that the Business world... read more »


Excellent tips for creating successful ads on Google AdWords and other PPC platforms

Over the years, in which I managed many ‘pay per click’ (PPC) online advertising campaigns, I’ve accumulated quite a few tips and recommendations for maximum leverage of text ads, along with tricks that can be used, and are... read more »


The Importance of detailing your PPC Campaigns (in Google AdWords or others)

Since Google entered the internet arena, PPC (Pay Per Click advertizing on the internet) has been proven over and over again as a very efficient advertizing method, with potentially very high ROI, for virtually ANY kind and size of business. The... read more »