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In the UK around twenty three thousand people live on house boats. For many people, living on a house boat is much more affordable than buying a house, others simply love living on one of the country’s many scenic water ways. Although...


What is Five-a-Side Football? Five-a-Side football is a variety of association football. There are five players in a five-a-side football team with four of them being outfield players, and the fifth player being the goalkeeper. The game lasts...


James Bond to open London 2012 Olympics

James Bond to open 2012 Olympics London Daniel Craig who plays the role of British Secret Agent James Bond has been personally invited by the Queen of England to open the sporting event which the world eagerly awaits – the 2012 London Olympics. ... read more »


The World’s Top Sports Events

Top Sports Events in the World If yоu are a sports fan, yоu ѕhould know аt lеаѕt the biggest sports events in the world.  In the multi-billion-dollar sports industry, athletes, businesses, teams аnd events compete for name recognition... read more »


5 Essential Items of MMA Clothing

While having a strong punch, lasting endurance and a killer kick are critical to succeeding in the world of Mixed Martial Arts, the following 5 essential items of mma clothing will help you excel in your training and performance. Having the... read more »


Scandals In Horse Racing

Everybody loves a good scandal, and while you’re down at the track swapping horse racing tips it’s inevitable that rumours start. It’s quite another thing, however, when scandals involving drugs in horseracing come to the surface. The... read more »


5 Ways to Enjoy Melbourne Cup Day

Everyone loves Melbourne Cup Day-they don’t call it the ‘race that stops the nation’ for nothing! Whether you’re crowded around a television in a supermarket, specially brought in for the occasion, or trackside at the race itself, you... read more »


An Overview Of All MMA Gear

The sport of MMA is one that is enjoyed by millions and its popularity across the globe is increasing rapidly.  With more and more people taking the sport up; sales of MMA gear is going through the roof.  However, knowing exactly what clothing... read more »


MMA is one of the biggest growth sports in the world and popularity is going through the roof. More and more people are taking up the activity to keep fit and channel their excess energies and the sport is especially popular in the younger...


Oom yung doe is a martial art form, practiced all over the world. It has 8 martial art forms. It is a philosophy which transforms your inner personality into a true soul. It has both physical benefits and mental benefits. Physical benefits as...