Marching to Pretoria, After Mandela’s Passing

Although one of the three capital cities in South Africa, Pretoria is regarded as the country’s de facto national capital. It’s a destination in the peak season of November-March, which are the summer months. Pretoria is representative... read more »


In Toronto, controversial Mayor Rob Ford has found his situation going from bad to worse. Ford, who has refused to resign from office despite recently confessing to recreational crack use, might be starting to feel like he’s losing a...


Travelling to Brazil? Brazilian Piracy Problems

For Brazilians, the new war on the Streets is in Cyber-space – and it’s tooth and nail stuff.  High level connections have been connected, the information artillery is at the ready, but the battle proper has already commenced. If... read more »


Anna Hazare has become hero for Indian people. He is being recognized as an ideal person for Indian people. He was started the movement on 5th April, Jantar Mantar, Delhi for Jan Lokpal Bill. The movement took a new shape. Thousands...


Archbishop Desmond Tutu at the Tacoma Dome

  Last night I went to the Tacoma Dome to see Archbishop Desmond Tutu in one of hi s last U.S. appearances.  I had no idea what to expect, but had high hopes for an inspirational and motivational experience.  The Archbishop was sensational. ... read more »