Christmas is a special family time. Your child’s very first Christmas is a particularly special time for you, but given they don’t really remember it, it probably doesn’t really count as their first Christmas for them. It also means you...


What are Nerf Guns

What are Nerf guns? Nerf guns come in many shapes and sizes all around the world. Manufactured by Hasbro, Nerf guns have a reputation for outstanding build quality, affordable pricing and most importantly, reliability! Nerf guns fire a small... read more »


Disney’s Rapunzel in Fashion

Rapunzel dolls are the designs took from Disney’s thrilling story of Rapunzel. Now the popularity is move on art and fashion. You can find Special Rapunzel shops for dresses with dolls and frills. You can find fun, fashion and elf twisted... read more »


Lego Death Star – Review – Lego 10188

If you are a Lego Star Wars than there is one Lego set that you probably dream about above all others and that is the Lego death Star! The Lego death Star is not only one of the largest, but also one of the most expensive Lego Star Wars sets... read more »


Dr Who Character Building Tardis Mini Set – UK Deals and reviews

You always know when Easter has arrived when you start to see the adverts on television for the new Doctor Who series. Doctor Who has become a massive hit with a new generation of fans as well as the continuing support from the older fan base,... read more »


Dr Who Character Building – Where to buy

The new range of Dr Who character building sets were among one of the standout sensations at this year’s toy fair and already the hype was building on what looked like being one of the biggest ranges of toys for 2011 and now that the... read more »


Lego Ninjago – Cheapest Prices – Review

Lego have been among the most popular ranges of toys over the last 30 years and they just seem to be getting bigger and better every year, sees the release of their most ambitious theme to date… Lego Ninjago. Lego Ninjago is much more... read more »


Lego Pirates of the Caribbean Queen Anne’s Revenge Review

Today we will be reviewing the new Lego Pirates of the Caribbean Queen Anne’s Revenge set or Lego 4195 as it’s also known. This is the first time that Lego have released any set based on the Pirates of the Caribbean movies and I... read more »


Museum Features World’s Largest PEZ Collection

Many people have fond childhood memories of PEZ™ dispensers… odd little plastic gadgets, topped by a cartoon character head, that dispense individual candies. A small museum in Burlingame, California, showcases what may be the world’s... read more »