Men’s Clothing

Men’s Shoes – It doesn’t have to be hard to stay on trend

For Men keeping up with the latest Mens Shoes trends can be as much as a chore as washing up the dishes but it really doesn’t have to be and you don’t need to break the bank in the process. Let’s look at last summer’s biggest trend the... read more »


Common Specifics for Wearing the Right Tie

Choosing the right tie can be a frustrating experience for a man who has little or no experience in doing so. From business meetings to job interviews, ties may not be the deciding factor, but they can leave an impression that lingers long... read more »


Choosing the perfect Christmas present for the man who has everything

Christmas can be a nightmare when you are faced with the prospect of finding presents for people who are difficult to buy for. Men especially can be tricky to buy presents for.  This is a common problem I personally face every Christmas but... read more »


Combat Boots – The Real Thing Or A Goth Fashion Statement

Combat Boots. These two words alone will inevitably conjure up one of two images in your mind depending on who you are, how old you are and what you do for a living. For many, combat boots are something that were once in fashion and were only... read more »


Funny T-Shirt Time!

It is the summer, and that means one thing.  No more long sleeves.  You have to get out and work on those horrid winter tans.  There is no point in wearing a delightful T-shirt if you look bad in it with dark stripes down your hands.  You... read more »


Replica Watches Imitations-Though Satisfactory!

When we might go into describing what is time- the result might end up giving us an answer that in fact time is something abstract. Though, it is something that we cannot just avoid in our life. All the important decisions, events happen at... read more »


Different Types Of Mens Wedding Shoes

Your wedding day is not just about your bride and her wedding dress (although they are incredibly important). The way you dress and how you present yourself will say a lot about the type of person that you are, so the type of suit, shirt, tie,... read more »


A Guy’s Guide to Buying a Suit

A suit?  Really?  Who wears suits anymore? Actually, a good suit is still an essential part of a man’s wardrobe. A perfectly fitted suit creates a great impression, and it can also make you feel better about yourself and more confident... read more »