Looking After Your Investments: Knowing How To Take Care of Your Jewelry

  Assorted Jewelry It has always been said that prevention is way better than cure. This rings true in more than one aspect – be it in your health, the way you handle your relationships or in taking care of your things. As people, especially... read more »


Why Vintage Jewelries Never Goes Out the Market

As the world age, countless changes and events had occurred and numerous facets affecting life transformed together with it. One aspect that keeps on evolving is the fashion industry. And since people have this innate character when it comes... read more »


Get Hippy with Vintage Jewelry

  People in the modern fashion world still consider vintage jewelry as trendy and chic to their discrimination. Old era jewelry are considered to be thematic and signifies momentous events to what the world was back then, and that made... read more »


A Touch of Pearl: Ways on How to Amplify Its Beauty

A Touch of Pearl: Ways on How to Amplify Its Beauty

Natural pearls most of the time are treated in variety of ways to alter and enhance its external charm. These treatments either make the pearl more lustrous or modify its color to turn into a different hue. The practice of pearl treatments has... read more »


Religious Pendant: Divine Devotional Designs

Since the dawn of history, when our ancestors first contemplated the Divine and the mystical world, people have always seen the need to wear special adornments that touch up on religious mysteries. A religious pendant, available now in a variety... read more »


Luxury Diamond Engagement Rings – A Perfect Diamond For a Perfect Wedded Life

Diamonds have been synonymous with weddings since a very long time because diamonds are perfect. Diamond engagement rings are more than just a sign of luxury and wealth; they are almost like tradition. Nevertheless, diamonds do symbolize luxury... read more »


A Detailed Discussion on Chronograph and Women’s Watches

Have you ever gone through an athletic event? Well, there is no doubt at all that it is quite dependent on time and there is no doubt at all that on most of the occasion, one will find that calculation of the time is very important. Generally,... read more »


Make Your Special Day More Special With Diamond Ring

The most common words which can be used for the Diamond are Attractive, Beautiful and Precious. That’s all about a diamond. God has created many wonderful things but most wonderful thing is diamond and when it is worn by a bride it is at its... read more »


Princess Cut Diamonds—Tying the Knot

Engagement rings have a bigger impact, most of the time, compared to wedding rings. Among the expensive and memorable diamonds used for engagement rings are princess cut diamonds. This cut is becoming popular compared to other diamond cuts for... read more »