Sofa Beds

A sofa bed is an interesting multi-purpose piece of furniture. They allow you to provide a spare bed for a relative or loved one whilst still retaining all the usability of a standard sofa. These sofa beds are available in a number of sizes,... read more »


Innovative Fashion Coming from Classic

Today with the soaring prices in every product the world is screaming for a cheap and best product that will suit their pocket. This has led many to accept the fashion which was once lost and forgotten in time. Gemstones Men and women love to... read more »


Going leathery for fashion

Fashion is something that never remains constant. It changes every now and then. What was yesterday as a symbol for fashion is gone the next day. And tomorrow’s fashion might be what had belonged to day before yesterday. With the sudden... read more »


Chicago Replacement Windows

Most of the homeowners in any part of the world experience their homes undergo the process of substituting windows. This involves replacing your old windows with new ones, and while it is an expensive process at times firstly, secondly it... read more »


What Can Internet do for Furniture Stores?

The latest internet revolution has created both challenges as well as opportunities for furniture stores.  On the one hand, most will agree with the fact that a retail website is significant; but, on the other hand, most furniture stores aren’t... read more »


Get Your Motor Running with Leather Sofas

The living room is the most central room in your home and one in which you really live in, so a decision about what kind of sofa upholstery to settle into is not a small one to make.  The most important thing to remember when shopping for a... read more »


EQ3: Can Modern Furniture be Affordable?

EQ3 products tell a story, a story which is rooted in passion for design, hoping to inspire passion for living. Our space becomes our sanctuary where we lounge engage, rest, savor, and create alone or with others. EQ3 collections evolve with... read more »


Hidden Assets – More than Simple Platform Beds

Looks like a simple platform bed with straight, clean lines. Looks can be deceiving though. It is so much more.     Modern Minimalism Rigorous modernism can look trapped in time, which is why a simpler take on modern design is so pleasing.... read more »


All in One TV Stand, Entertainment Center, Room Divider, and Shelving

What is it?  Is it an entertainment center?  Sure is!  Is it a TV stand?  Most definitely!  Is it a room divider?  Of course!  Can you use as shelving?  You sure can! This one little unit can create endless possibilities.  If you’ve... read more »


LoveSac: An Alternative Seating Option for Your Home

Those who strive to mix up the seating options and go beyond the standard couch and loveseat setup of most conventional living rooms often look towards innovative furniture like the LoveSac.  In the simplest terms, the LoveSac is an oversized... read more »