A New Online Dating Niche – STD Matchmaking

As the rates of sexually transmitted diseases rises across the UK, the likelihood of being diagnosed with an STD increases with every new partner you take on. Statistics show that in 2012 there were some half a million new diagnoses of sexually... read more »


6 Tips To A Knock-Her-To-Her Knees Man Of Style

  Planning an ideal date is about knowing the woman you are dating. It doesn’t mean spending much money although it is better to make it personalized and memorable. Make her knees tremble with your style   Most guys have an over-all... read more »


Signs your partner is having an affair

How do you tell if you partner is having an affair or is considering cheating? Often the signs are there but you just haven’t wanted to believe them. Sometimes your friends or family have suspected your partner is cheating and maybe have even... read more »


You have a better chance of finding a partner in a niche dating site

Those days are gone when people face difficulty in finding their partner as now internet provides a get solution to all those needy persons. As you know internet is a hub of websites and there you can easily get the solution of your problem... read more »


Romantic Texts, Are Text Messages the New Love Letters?

Learn the Magic of Romantic Texts with Text the Romance Back Learn how to make her want you … Learn how to turn your man into the man of your dreams (yes he can be romantic!)…   We send millions of them every day. Every minute thousands... read more »


The total number of South African internet users has now reached the 5 million mark. This growth is higher that forecasted in 2009 when researchers from one South African university estimated total online users would hit the 5 million mark by...


5 Ways to Deliver the Perfect First Date

Anxious. Sweating. Terrified. All words associated with a first date. Read on for tips to get it just right, so the only first date word you need to know is success! For as long as people have been dating, the first date has been the most terrifying... read more »


Unfortunately, as with most things in modern day life there is an element of risk involved with meeting people through online dating websites. With a little bit of help and some common sense the risks need not be any more than meeting a potential...


Preparing yourself for dating again as a single parent

Dating is tricky subject for many single parents. As a single mother of a beautiful boy I often had discussions with my girlfriends about how to approach dating and what to tell my little boy. Wanting to be open and honest with my son I was... read more »