Interior Design and Decorating

Your home is a place where you can design and create an expression of who you are. A bachelor pad is pretty much the same way. Men want to be able to create an enjoyable atmosphere which represents how they feel about their single life and...


Whether you’ve emptied out an old room and are now staring at an empty decorating palette — paint brush and paint can in hand — or you just purchased a new home and the whole house is a blank slate, you don’t need to...


Choosing the right paint color for your living room affects more than just the ambiance; it affects your mood. Experts believe the colors you are exposed to most can influence the way you feel and how you think. Every color brings a range of...


How to Find a Rug That Makes the Room

When choosing finishing touches to tie a room together, nothing works as perfectly as an area rug. The right accents do much more than protect your floors, they can also add an element of style and comfort to any room. There are a wide range... read more »


Nelson Minar Lighting plays a vital role in designing any room of your house, but this is especially true when designing your kitchen. Your kitchen most likely has several different lighting needs that need to be considered. From under cabinet...


Finding Cheap Bathroom Furniture

The bathroom tends to be the one room in the house that is forgotten when it comes to renovation and decorating.  Instead, homeowners focus their attention on updating bedrooms, living rooms and the kitchen, whilst that bathroom still has the... read more »


Tips for Great Lighting In The Living Room

The living room is often for most families the room that the most time is spent within and needs to play host to a range of activities and moods. It needs to be able to adapt between a playroom for the children, to a chilled out room in the... read more »


How To Light Your Dining Room

The dining room is generally used as a place to eat breakfast in the morning or enjoy a family meal in the evening, however it can also be used for other occasions. It is an important area in a couples or families life for entertaining guests,... read more »


Why architects, developers and quantity surveyors are selecting stainless steel for constructing balustrades and handrails?

With changing trends, architects, developers and quantity surveyors are looking for balustrades and handrails that are the best  quality as well as have attractive designs. There are numerous options available for constructing balustrades a... read more »


Simple Tips For Fitting Curtain Poles

When carrying out DIY, the initial urge is to get it out of the way as quickly as possible so you can get back to enjoying your home. Whilst this may be convenient, it is also a dangerous mind-set to have when installing fixtures that could... read more »