Green Living

During the cold winter months, it’s important to stay warm. There are ways to stay warm at home while staying energy-efficient. Energy efficiency is not only good for the environment; it will also benefit you by reducing the bills you...


In a world of ever-changing technology, more and more people would rather be connected to their smartphone than to the world around them. But with ominous news of a growing hole in the ozone and rising sea levels, folks are also hopping onto...


3 Changes You Can Make to Go Green at Home

The green trend is more than just a fashion; it’s a way of life that more families should learn to embrace. It shouldn’t be just a trend when it’s something that’s going to save the world and make it a healthier, more... read more »


Solar Panels Cost For UK Home Owners

The latest green energy buzz is being generated about solar panels. Cost has drastically reduced in recent times due to a number of factors. This includes lower manufacturing costs from China where they have the ability to mass produce PV panels... read more »


Improving your green credentials with Wooden Blinds

Attempts to create an all green household can prove tricky. There are tips and tricks, such as ensuring insulation to trap heat and lower heating bills, that can be utilised alongside common sense – i.e. making sure that access towards appropriate... read more »


In recent years bamboo bedding has made its way onto the western markets. When made properly the bamboo reeds are made into fibres in the same way that cotton is. The result is a smooth fabric that can be more comfortable and softer than the...


This AdvaPoint Solar review aims to explore the benefits of AdvaPoint, a company that specializes in earth friendly, non-polluting solar energy. Their home page quotes Thomas Edison who, even over a century ago, extolled the virtues of “the...


Ten Ways to Save Energy Around the House

Energy costs are skyrocketing, so it’s more important than ever to find ways to save energy. Here are ten tips, ranging from very simple ideas to major projects. Turn of lights and appliances when not in use!You’ll save directly... read more »


Keeping your student digs eco-friendly

One of the best things about going to university or college for many people is that it represents the first time living away from home. To a student it is the start of an adventure of independence and the beginning of an exciting period in their... read more »


How to dispose of IT equipment

Whilst everyone may know certain areas of recycling inside out, there are some aspects that remain vague and ambiguous in what procedures should be undertaken. Separating plastic from paper and dispensing it in appropriate recycle bins may be... read more »