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Middle Aged Men, Andropause And Erection Disorder

One of the signature signs of Andropause happens to be erectile dysfunction (ED). A kind of (for the man) ego destructing, irritating occurrence. Temporary erectile dysfunction happens to be when a man is not able to perform for his woman partner.... read more »


Thrush In Men: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

Whenever the topic of yeast infection, Candida or thrush comes up, people generally relate it to women and the truth is that over 3/4 of the female population will at least once in their lifetime be affected by yeast infection – but that... read more »


Hair loss treatment with Generic Propecia

The hair loss is a bigger problem these days, faced by majority of people. When the rate of hair loss becomes more than re growth, it leads to baldness. The problem for the cause of baldness can of many types. The most common reasons are smoking... read more »


Rejection From Partner Affects Both Body And Brain

All those health-conscious people who have been working and toning their body, there is news for you. Studies have been stating that besides the body, the brain is one of the most sensitive organs that are not only the key force behind your... read more »


Menopause in Men – Missing The misconception

Unlike women, men do not go through a period where the entire hormonal production goes for a halt.  Here there is a decline in the level of testosterone that happens gradually. Jed Diamond who is the author of the book “Male Menopause”... read more »


Where Smoking Burns Your Masculinity ….

Smoking might make a man look manlier. However in real terms, smoking has a negative impact on one’s masculinity and affects his virility. The pathological backgrounds appear to be similar. Smoking has been severely interlinked to erectile... read more »


Experts Say, that “Viagra” can lead to Hearing Loss

Have you been taking Viagra for quite some time? No doubt this medicine is very powerful in curing the problem of Erectile Dysfunction. But new reports are being revealed about the possible new side effects of this billion dollar raking drug.... read more »


Erectile dysfunction Responsible For Creating Friction In Couples

A recent study shows that erectile dysfunction is being blamed for the couples breaking after marriage.  It has been seen that around 64 % of men in Egypt face erectile problems.  This problem of erectile dysfunction has been especially... read more »


We’ve all had that day where we show up at the gym ready to workout, only to feel like we have absolutely no energy or motivation to make it through. Often times, people think they are just not in the mood or simply tired. That may be true,...


Impotence: This Sexual Disorder Has A Definite Cure

Impotence is a dreaded disorder today as about 12 million people in the US alone are stricken by this condition. Scientists and medical experts have tried to ascertain the true cause of this problem. It has got to do with the inability of... read more »