How to make a wondeful christmas wreath

A fresh Christmas wreath is a wonderful way to bring some cheap Christmas cheer to any home over the festive period. Christmas wreaths make a great addition to your Christmas decorations or a great alternative to a traditional Christmas tree... read more »


Why Soft Chuck Jaws Are A Must For Some Machining Tasks

Most hobby machinists will own some three jawed chuck jaws which they will use on a regular basis.  These types of chuck jaws are the most commonly used and are suitable for a wide range of machining tasks.  However, soft jaws are rarely used... read more »


Is Home Brewing via Home Brewing Kits the New Trend?

For many, cracking a beer at the end of the day yields the ultimate satisfaction; but, would one be even more satisfied if the beer was one of their own concoctions?  An uptrend in the amount of home brewers across the world today indicates... read more »


The giving of Christmas cards is a tradition that is well established in the UK and remains popular in modern times. Consumers purchased and sent around 1 billion cards in December 2010 and the figure continues to rise in line with the increasing...


Understanding The Uses Of Chuck Jaws

Chuck jaws are an item that can commonly be found in the manufacturing industry and one that is very useful.  Many of the products that we purchase as consumers have been made by using chuck jaws – or at least some of their components have. ... read more »


Understanding The Terms Commonly Used In Relation To Rotary Tables

Having recently become interested in hobby machining I have been doing some reading around rotary tables and how they are used and operated.  This has lead to great confusion on my part due to the language that is used and I have struggled... read more »


My First MMA Class

I’ve been doing Thai boxing for a while now and have always enjoyed watching UFC fights when I’ve seen them on TV.  Thai Boxing or Muay Thai as they call it over there is very popular amongst UFC fighters and is considered one of... read more »


It used to be that paintballing was an activity that most would undertake every year or so when they were getting together for someone’s birthday or stag-do.  In recent years the cost of going paintballing has fallen dramatically and the...