You might not be thrilled by the idea that something defines you beyond your personality and convictions, but your credit score defines you. While it may not be a number everyone sees on your forehead, it’s an important number. Without...


Bad credit affects a great deal more than just your ability to qualify for a home loan or car loan. Bad credit can affect everything from your ability to obtain a cell phone to your eligibility for employment. While you might not think your...


Pre Employment Screening – A Safety Net for the Employer

The outcome of any business is largely dependent on the honesty, reliability and efficiency of its employees. While efficiency can be evaluated through interviews and tests, evaluating the honesty factor is something very difficult. Dishonest... read more »


Second Chance Checking Accounts – Providing Assistance the Second Time

We are all experiencing financial crisis brought by the recession in the past years. Wherever we live in the world, we cannot escape its strong impact in our daily lives. Poverty disables us to pay our dues or bills and one day we will wake... read more »