The sport of MMA is one that is enjoyed by millions and its popularity across the globe is increasing rapidly.  With more and more people taking the sport up; sales of MMA gear is going through the roof.  However, knowing exactly what clothing and equipment you need can be somewhat confusing for someone that is new to MMA.  Here we offer an overview of all the different MMA gear that you might need.

Rash Guard – A synthetic top that should be worn during wrestling and grappling training.  This protects the body and arms from damage that can be caused by friction against your opponent and the mat.

Fight Shorts – These are an essential part of MMA gear and if you instead decide to go for generic sports shorts you will soon see why.  The extra strength of specialised MMA shorts and movement they provide is imperative if you want to save yourself from embarrassment and compete at your best.

Gum Shield – You all know what these are and they are used in many different sports.  If you want to avoid the risk of costly dental treatment then you have to get a gum shield.  They aren’t that expensive and they can save you a fortune.

Groin Guard – Not one of the most glamorous items of MMA gear, but certainly one of the most popular.  A groin guard will save you from the low blows that can sometimes happen accidently and if you don’t wear one; you’ll soon wish you had.

Sparring Gloves – Most gyms will use 16oz boxing gloves for sparring.  These aren’t essentially MMA gear; they are simply sparring gloves.  It is a good idea to get your own pair to stop infections that can occur when using ones at the gym.

Fight Gloves – When actually taking part in a real fight you will use 4oz fight gloves.  The movement they allow and the fact they are fingerless means that they are well suited for grappling.  The fact that they offer little protection means that they should never be used for sparring.

MMA Sparring Gloves – A cross between boxing gloves and MMA gloves.  They typically weigh 8oz and allow for grappling and sparring; combining training styles.

Wrestling Earguards – When grappling and wresting your ears will get some stick and too much can result in cauliflower ear.  A wrestling earguard will help prevent such an ugly occurrence.

Kit Bag – Probably the piece of MMA gear that needs the least explanation.  You’re going to need one to transport all the other kit about.


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