Women’s shoes are something many men will never understand. For men the most important thing in the footwear they sport is the fact is comfort; this means many men’s shoe collections will consist almost exclusively of trainers and also helps to explain the popularity of eyesores such as crocs and Uggs;  items of clothing clearly not loved for how they look.

One thing that men will never understand about women’s shoes is why some ladies have a disposition in hoarding so many of them – Kim Kardashian recently boasted to owning 224 pairs of Christian Louboutin heels, an amount dwarfed by a case in the news recently where a former Mrs. Shak owned over 1’200; an amount further dwarfed by Imelda Marcos who once stated she owned over 3’000 pairs of shoes.

Whereas men are happy with, according to studies, four or less pairs of shoes, women will, on average, own 17 pairs – a staggering amount for men to comprehend. Also something incomprehensible to men is that whereas they will, as mentioned before, buy shoes based on comfort, women will often plump for designs that are entirely impractical and can cause great degrees of pain to the feet; towering heels that cannot be walked in, and stilettos which can cause bunions. Also, owning so many pairs of shoes is indicative of the fact that women do not buy their heels as a necessity, for their utility or even for fashion reasons so what, exactly, is the explanation for women’s fondness of shoes?

It is not uncommon to hear women state that they buy heels not to impress men but do so for their own sake (or even to impress other women). This suggests that womens shoes are purchased, in part, for psychological reasons – when interviewed, many women will express their attachment to heels and use terms and phrases that are rather emotional. Many will like how they make them feel – heels improve a woman’s posture and make them taller, their legs feel lengthened and more slender, all things which can boost the wearer’s self-confidence and self-esteem. Yet one thing that is flummoxing to men is the pain that women will afflict on themselves in order to achieve these feelings, something many men don’t understand.

For some, the shoe fetishism that was brought to popular attention in Sex and the City is not a real phenomena but rather something that has been cooked up by advertising gurus who, through their years in peddling products such as cigarettes that the public know are harmful but will purchase any way, have manufactured or exploited women’s feelings and emotions; a thought that is shared by feminist writer Germaine Greer. However, many women speak in glowing, euphoric terms of the shoes they wear. Whether these feelings are joyous and real or whether they have been manipulated can, and will be, debated and argued by many for years to come.


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