Electronic cigarettes are the new trend setters in town and have captured the imagination of smokers in particular and the whole world in general. E-cigarettes are basically electronic clones of the normal and readily available to be used, plus they are rechargeable. They are very similar in appearance to the traditional cigarettes but function differently.

The electronic cigarette consists of an atomizer which heats liquid flavored nicotine in order to produce vapor. The vapor is very dense and mimics the smoke produced in traditional cigarettes. However, as there is no tobacco in electronic cigarettes and nothing is burnt, electronic cigarettes are very safe to use and have little to no side-effects.

If you are looking to buy electronic cigarettes then you will have to do some basic research and learning. The starter kits are necessary for every new user as they contain all the things which electronic cigarettes require. There are four basic elements of smokeless cigarettes and even the most basic of e-cigarette starter kits contain these following equipments.

Atomizer: An atomizer assumes the position of the engine in an electronic cigarette. It is a heating device and heats the e-liquid present in the cartridges to produce smoke. They come in various forms and colors and are detachable. The atomizers are durable and can last for months together if handled properly. There are at least one or two atomizers in the most basic of e-cigarette starter kits.

Refillable Cartridges: The cartridges contain flavored liquid nicotine. It is this liquid nicotine which is heated by atomizers in order to convert it into vapors. There are different flavors that can be tried like menthol, tobacco, cinnamon, coffee and fruit and they can seriously enhance your e-smoking experience. It is important that e-cigarette starter kits contain a fair amount of these refillable cartridges as they can finish very quickly if you smoke heavily.

Mouth Piece: This is just an extension of the cartridge and is usually one with the cartridges. However, there are also detachable versions of it. The mouth piece is a simple piece which is a part of all the electronic cigarettes. It is the section which simply allows the vapors to pass through it and is held under the lip of the smoker. It may need to be changed or you can keep two mouth pieces if you share your electronic cigarettes with somebody else.

Battery and Battery Charger: Two lithium ion batteries also come in most e-cigarette starter kits. The batteries are rechargeable but always run down after a certain span of time (around 300 charges). A USB or desktop charger is also present while some luxury e-cigarette starter kits even contain both the car charger and the USB charger.

All these equipments are essential in every starter kit of an electronic cigarette. Other accessories like e-cigarette cases and cases for each equipment can also be present in e-cigarette starter kits but aren’t a necessity.

All in all, you need to only invest once in an e-cigarette starter kit and can then easily replace those items which get consumed with time. Thus, it’s best to choose these starter kits with great care and only choose the starter kit from a manufacturer which can be trusted.


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