No longer is eyewear just for nerds, these days eyewear is fashionable and cool. There are a variety of styles which allow you to find that perfect pair of glasses that fits your personality. has different colors and styles of frames that you can browse.

One popular type of eyeglass frames are Cat-Eyes. Cat-Eye frames are retro style, but still can offer a cool modern look.  One popular pop singer, Lisa Lobe, made cat-eye glasses her trademark wear. These France made Cat Eye glasses also have an “old Hollywood” retro style to them as well. Cat-eye frames are trendy and look great on many types of face shapes. These particular frames can be ordered with single vision or multifocal-lenses. The frames have also been hand set with Swarovski crystals. On Melissa Eyewear, you will find France Made Cat Eye, Rhinestone Decorated eye frames for women.

Small face shapes will look great in the France Made, Petite, and Elegant Unique Frame. It can be difficult looking for eye-glasses that won’t hide a small face. Petite women need smaller frames that will enhance their features and their eyes. This pair offers a sleek and elegant look while still keeping cool and trendy. Its salt and pepper color will also match several outfits so they won’t clash with other colors. This frame is ideal for reading or single vision eyeglasses. This petite frame is also available in Demi Amber color too.  If you need a fashionable pair of glasses, check out their . They offer all types of frames and styles that will enhance your features and make wearing eye-glasses fun!

If you are looking for a pair of eyeglasses that will look cool and trendy or elegant and fine, then check out Melissa Eye-Wear. The website allows you to create an account and even a wish-list for frames that you would like to purchase later (or have someone buy as a gift!). Registration is free and very simple to do. The website accepts credit cards and PayPal. Retail stores can also purchase a catalog to see wholesale prices to order also.


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