There are so many different uses for embroidered polo shirts that you simply won’t know where to start. Been on a great holiday? Then why not purchase or have a garment made as a souvenir of that brilliant time? They are also a great way to show loyalty to your favourite sports team or represent your company in the workplace.

However, it would be foolish to assume that these pieces of clothing are only good as a holiday souvenir, sports t-shirt or work uniform. There are a number of different, more unique uses for these garments that many people may not consider. Here are a few alternative uses for embroidered polo shirts.

Schools and colleges can quite easily utilise embroidered polo shirts as part of their every-day attire. Many schools and colleges are doing away with the traditional shirt, tie and blazer combo and introducing a more casual polo shirt and jumper look. These can be customised with the addition of an embroidered logo or the school motto which shows where the students’ allegiances lie, as well as making them look smart at all times.

In-keeping with the school theme, these are also a great souvenir and reminder for students who leave school or graduate from college. Many classes choose to get a large batch of clothing produced as a keepsake from their time in education. These often have the name of the school stitched or printed on, with the class name and leaving year, and a personal nickname for every class member.

When using uniforms in work, different coloured and styled polo shirts for different staff roles can be a good idea. For example, delivery staff could wear a different uniform to those who work on the shop floor so that the general public know who to ask about certain problems. This is not only to the benefit of customers however, but employees also. Any new employee will find it hard at first to get to grips with who’s who in the workplace, and different clothing will help them differentiate between different members of staff.

Thinking outside the box when it comes to designing embroidered polo shirts will really help matters. There should be no limits to your imagination and almost anything can be put on the item of clothing. There isn’t an occasion that a customised polo shirt isn’t suited for.


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