Ladies Aprons have made a complete ‘u-turn’ in the last few decades. Look at the flattering aprons that ladies wore in the 1950’s, they were all frills and fancy colours. Most importantly, they flattered a woman’s figure. Nowadays all you see in UK cafe’s etc are big plastic rectangular aprons that are not in the least bit flattering. All that is about to change and Aprons are making a huge comeback. They are already the latest ‘must have’ clothing item in the USA and the UK is about to catch up.

In previous generations the majority of women had aprons on during all of their household tasks such as cooking and cleaning. Somehow over the years this all changed and you would be hard pushed to find any female under 40 even owning an apron, never mind actually wearing one.

UK Aprons are mainly regarded as being dowdy and unflattering. In recent years they have become shapeless and dull garments in shades of blue or grey. Well, that is no longer the case – there are actually a wide range of companies that now create colourful, sassy and even sexy aprons for women of all ages. These aprons are flattering and most of all, they are stylish.

already have a cult following in the USA where shows like Desperate Housewives have been showcasing these garments (remember Bree? )

The UK is still in the dark about this new phenomenon but it is about to wake up with an increasing number of uk companies catching on to the trend – e.g. this e-commerce site ‘ Buy ‘ is based in Scotland.

The only problem with these aprons is that when you see them, you want one (or two.. or three..).

These aprons mean you can be stylish around the house, even if you only have your old comfys on underneath. It makes answering the door to unexpected callers a whole lot easier.

Aprons are also such a practical item, keeping your clothes pristine and clean as you go about your daily tasks.

Aprons are set to be an extremely popular ‘ladies present’ in 2011 within the UK. If you are reding this and thinking “Aprons – they will never take off. They are for grandmothers” then it is obvious you have not seen the latest trend in these garments. You should check out some pictures of Aprons and then just remember that you read it here first.


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