If you have ever worked in an office, especially if it was for a large company that there are a lot of staff hired in administration rolls. Now before you start grouping them all in the same category, there are a lot of differences between each roll and they are usually not positions that allow for staff to be interchangeable.

So whether you are interested in an administration type job and not sure which one to pursue, or maybe you’re just curious as to what is available, let’s take a look at the different types of administration jobs available in the marketplace.

  1. Receptionist
    A common entry level administration position, the receptionist is usually responsible for taking phone calls, greeting clients/customers and organising mail and bookings.
  2. Personal Assistant
    Personal assistants (or PAs) are basically receptionists for a single  person. The job of a PA is to organise their bosses work schedule, screen calls and visitors.
  3. Accounts
    Not every business is big enough to hire an accountant to handle their money, so a lot of businesses have accounts staff. These accounts staff use software such as MYOB or Quicken to input all the companies financials from day to day and if it is a cash business then they will usually make daily trips to the back to deposit takings. Accounts positions usually require some form of training, whether that is just software training or a certificate or diploma of finance.
  4. Recruitment
    How would you like to be the person hiring staff? Recruitment can be a great opportunity if you work and communicate well with other people. That being said, recruitment agencies usually require relevant training and qualifications.
  5. Management
    Management is definitely an upper level of administration, but progression to this position usually takes you out of admin and into the business of the company – working on the floor, meeting with clients and the like. Management does not always require training as a lot is based on your track record and experience.

If you are interested in admin mining jobs, then click here as there are usually a lot of opportunities as mining communities are remote and it can be hard to find workers willing to move there.


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