Although we can all agree that smoking cigarettes or using smokeless tobacco in excess is bad for you, cigars are still a great way to relax on occasion. For me, I have been very interested in the beauty of cigars since the age of 15 (21 now), and love being able to go to a cigar shop and picking up something new every time just to see what its like. I have even contemplated starting an entire website around the concept of cigar reviews (think cigar aficionado online), but who knows if I will ever follow through on the concept. Either way I wanted to take the time to single out some of my favorite cigars so that the newbies to it all can have something to go off.

Rocky Patel
If you want a stronger type of a cigar then the Rockey Patel Edge is exactly what you are going to want to head to the store and pickup. If I am not interested in picking up something that I may or may not like the edge is my go to at the end of the day. The price is moderate and depending on your threshold this thing can put you on your back, literally. If you are just getting started and want to enjoy something that has a bit more flavor, and is not as strong then you might be interested in:

Acid Cigars
These things have a flavor unlike anything that you have ever seen before and are perfect for beginners and experts alike. I will have one of these on occasion out by the pool or on the beach when I just want to relax. The pricing on these is a bit more than the rockey patels but I definitely would not go as far to say that they are “expensive”. If you are looking for a quality cigar, with a good flavor then these are for you.

Its funny to only write about two types of cigars when at the end of the day their are thousands of different brands and varieties but this was not meant to be an exhaustive list. Rather use it as a primer, head over to your local smoke shop and start to try it all out, I think you will be pleased. And take me serious on the edge, its pretty freaking strong :)


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