Are you getting married in the winter? If so, there are large numbers of themes and motifs you can choose for your wedding to complement the season, and one of the first elements to think of would be your wedding invitations. Read on for some good winter themed ideas for your invitations.


Winter is a time often associated with magic and enchantment. Why not theme your invitations around pixies, fairies and wizards, or perhaps magic wands? If you want to fully go for the magic theme you can find invitations with magical castles or wizard hats, or you can be a little more subtle by choosing an image of a wand and glitter that resembles fairy dust.


There are many things we associate with winter, but the most obvious one would probably be snow. And a winter wedding can’t be complete without something snow related. Think about snowflakes and snow crystals, or snow covered trees, landscapes and fields. For instance, you can find a card that incorporates cream, blue or silver snow crystals on a cream base for a delicate and elegant touch. Another beautiful and popular motif is a horse and carriage pacing through the snow.

Ice and diamonds

Ice resembles diamonds, and there are many ways you can take advantage of this in your wedding invitations. Choose a sparkling design that accentuates the winter theme, for example a motif of snow covered trees or several snowflakes decorated with small diamante studs. Diamante studs are often used for card decorations, so you won’t struggle to find cards that sparkle. Other ice related motifs you could consider are ice skating or icicles.


Christmas time is a truly magical time to get married. Choose warm and cosy colours for your Christmas themes invitations like burgundy, goldens and dark greens. You can pick invitations with trees, stars, bells, santa’s hat, mistletoe, poinsettias, reindeer, and many other Christmas related imagery. But one very important factor to remember is to not fall into the trap so guests think it’s a Christmas greeting card. You can make it look more like a wedding invitation by for example choosing just one accent colour and motif to go with a cream or ivory base. The more cluttered the design is, the more it might look like a Christmas card.

Generally, you should choose warmer colours to emphasise the cosy setting of the wedding day since it will most likely be reasonably chilly. Also, remember to send out your save the date cards early, especially if your wedding takes place around Christmas and New Year.

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