Having trouble telling that special someone how you really feel? Learn how to confess your feelings with confidence right here.

Telling someone you like them isn’t easy. It takes confidence and a bit of work, especially if you’re shy. Here, we’ve got a great list of tips that will help you declare your feelings with ease. From confessions with roses and love notes to subtle text messages and testing the waters, we’ve got the tips no love sick puppy should miss:

How to test the water

So one of the most important things to do straight up is to test the water. If you know you are going to be left feeling awkward and disappointed, you shouldn’t do it. Find out what is going on in their head. How do you do this you say? Here’s a few ways to tell if your feelings will be reciprocated:

  • Read their body language- We communicate mostly with our bodies. Are they rigid around you? Closed off? Or do they lean in and touch your leg when they speak?
  • Do their eyes light up every time they see you?
  • Do you get their extra attention, even in a big group of people?
  • If you flirt with them, do they flirt back?

Pay attention to all of the above before declaring your love.

Knowing when’s the right time

One of the most crucial things about telling someone your feelings is doing it at the right time. After you had a few drinks and you’re about to head to Macca’s is not really the right setting. Nor is it the right time when she is in the middle of a family emergency or is having a really bad time at work.

Take the time out to organise a lunch or dinner with them. Express your feelings when the right moment arises. They will be relaxed and able to take in what you are saying without having other things on their mind. This way you will also be able to get a real and genuine response from them.

Ways of announcing your feelings

Of course, everyone is different, so announcing your feelings to someone will reflect your own personality. Here are some suggestions:

• If you know the person you have feelings for most certainly feels the same way, why not go all out? Buy her some roses online, have them delivered to her work with a private note to meet you that evening for dinner. Then confess your feelings to her over a glass of wine and good food.

Shy guy-If you’re really shy, she/he will have already picked that up. If you have trouble expressing yourself completely in front of them, but get the vibe that the feelings you have for them are mutual, why not simply send them a text after a fun night out. Nothing too lengthy just a simple, ‘I really like you X.’



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