Any land and properties are called premises. Premises liability is the liability which is for landlord or land owner. It is a law which helps landlord to protect their property. Let say in simple words if you having any property and someone is using that property and suddenly any injuries or any accidents happen at that place then what is your responsibility and liability, it is also come under slip and fall accidents. Lots of things can happen in this case, if construction is going on there and accident happens then you can face the problems from many ways, tenant can claim for compensations, claim can be filed for injuries due to equipment used on that construction.

We must have the knowledge where this liability applies, what should be the conditions for this. It has some certain criteria where it applies and we should follow that.

- The land lord must possess the land.
- The other party who was using that property must be an invitee or licensee.
- There must be a wrongful act.

Have you been faced such type of problems? What will you do if you face this problem? You will need an expert premises liability attorney, who has experience of this. He will handle all the situations very well. Well, sometimes it happens when we injured on government properties such as Public Park, government buildings, in post office, at road constructions place, at flyover construction place, there can be many, in that case government maybe legally responsible for that.

It can happen anywhere, in any country, state or city. We are here in Colorado Springs and it is common for people who lives in Colorado Springs, accidents always happen here in Colorado Springs. So we must have knowledge of law firms and attorneys in Colorado Springs. We are serving our best to the Colorado Springs people; we have expert team of premises liability attorneys here in Colorado Springs. If you are in Colorado Springs and looking premises liability attorney, don’t go anywhere, your search for Colorado Springs premises liability attorney ends here. Please feel free to contact us.



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